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Far Cry 5 Has Forced Baptismals & Fishing Mini-Games

Far Cry 5 Has Forced Baptismals & Fishing Mini-Games

Far Cry 5

New gameplay for Far Cry 5 is out there from Gamescom and it shows off some of the mini-games of Far Cry 5 as well as other ways to save the innocent

If you wanted more Far Cry 5 then you have it. In fact, we have a whole lot more of the game here in terms of gameplay as Ubisoft takes us all on an extended look at some of the current gameplay being floated around out there to show off many other aspects of the game. It has been released here for Gamescom, but as it sounds, this is a slice of footage from back as far as E3 when they were showing off Far Cry 5 during that show. None of it was seen by me personally so I have a feeling it was all “behind closed doors” or for “privileged media” to experience, but now it is here and adds in a few things that we may or may not have wanted for the game. We will see for now.

The whole gameplay section looks to take part in the same general area of the E3 Far Cry 5 that we were able to see, but as the whole game’s map is open from the start, there is no definite on that. What it does show is some of the side-missions in the game that we will need to overcome to make sure the planned apocalypse never happens. At least in terms of the Cult out there. We have already seen the familiar “compound” missions where we need to clear the area, but here we also see a little more on the organic as we will need to smash through barricades set up to keep the populace in, and also stop some of the forced baptismals going on in the land. All as you would expect in Far Cry 5 and with many explosions to be had.

Of course, if you get tired of the same old run and gun in Far Cry 5 it looks like there will be other options to waste time in the game. Given the terrain and land, it looks like we will also be able to go fishing and hunting for fun. You know, because this is what all action games need in there now in case the core game is getting a little to repetitive and you need something to break that up. I am going to guess that these mini-games will score you something more than bragging rights in Far Cry 5, but for now it looks like Ubisoft just wants us to know they are in there and available to distract us in the core game. Although, the NPCs and enemies will keep doing their thing so we need to keep all of that in mind.

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What do you think of these side missions in Far Cry 5 and what other ones will there be in the final game? Do you think that we will be seeing a lot of the same ones from before but with the new twist as to the reasons why or will we get more unique ones to make the game stand out on its own more? Why do you think that Ubisoft wanted to make sure we had mundane elements and gameplay here and is it really to give us break from the tension or to make the game feel longer? Let us all know what is going on in that head and then discuss all down in the comments. I am sure we will have a lot more on Far Cry 5 as we get closer to February 27th of 2018, so make sure to keep checking in here to see it all.

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