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Far Cry 5’s First 11 Minutes Make It Feel Like A Different Game

Far Cry 5’s First 11 Minutes Make It Feel Like A Different Game

Far Cry 5

The first eleven minutes of Far Cry 5 have made it online and it makes Far Cry 5 look more like a horror game than anything before

We have seen a plethora of videos out there showing off Far Cry 5 and all of the craziness we will be able to get into in the game. There is a whole lot and it looked like Ubisoft just pushed things forward enough to make way for the new title and add in a few new game elements to sell it. With just a week from launch, it makes sense that the hype has been built and players are just ready to dive in. I know I have been mostly ready, but after seeing the first eleven minutes of Far Cry 5 I am totally ready. It does not spoil too much, but it definitely gives the feel for the game’s world that grabs my attention unlike any other in the IPs history.

The rest of this will go into Far Cry 5 spoiler territory so I will not be upset if you click out or just move right along without watching the video below. It is directly the first eleven minutes of the game and looks like there are no keen edits to remove anything out that most of us want to experience the first time when we spin the game up. Take all of that as your last spoiler warning. If you are still here, enjoy the video.

Far Cry 5 — The First 11 Minutes

The US Marshals and the County Sheriff try to arrest The Father, a cult leader, in Far Cry 5‘s opening. It goes about as well as you’d expect. Captured on PS4 Pro.

In past titles in the Far Cry franchise, I have always had a feeling of action and adventure with a little of the seedy underbelly of humanity mixed in. Some darker than others, but never as dark as it mostly would be. This could be due to the characters and how they were written, but in Far Cry 5 it looks like Ubisoft did take special care to make the cult feel as terrifying as possible. They have claimed this many times before, but in these first minutes of the game, it truly feels more like a horror title than an action title. I know that Far Cry 5 is still going to be an action title; it is just that it feels extra dark and is highlighting the worst in humanity and “faith.”

This is always something that has interested me in all forms of media out there and Far Cry 5 looks to be another addition to mix right in. If you watched the footage above, you cannot honestly say you did not have that Texas Chainsaw or Outlast 2 feel to it all. The base gameplay we have seen for the mini-bosses have shown other darker aspects than we have seen before in the franchise, but this right here is the level I hope persists through the whole game. Even when blowing things up in a big rig with mounted chain guns. Like the perfect blending of horror and humor to get a good point across but not make us get bogged down in too many heavy situations. This could all just be me though.

Do you have a new opinion of Far Cry 5 now that you have seen how it opens or am I a bit off my rocker? Do you agree that this shows us more of the horrible aspects of cults that the team was going for than any of the gameplay seen already or will this be about it and the rest flows as the rest of the Far Cry franchise? Do you care at all and are just ready for March 27th to get here so you can just play the game and kill people with your dog? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more Far Cry 5, keep your eyes glued to the site. There is still time to get more out there and we will have it all as it comes.

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