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Faraday Protocol Is Getting A Bit Of An Update Now

Faraday Protocol Is Getting A Bit Of An Update Now

Faraday Protocol

New updates are coming for Faraday Protocol with some quality of life additions coming to further improve Faraday Protocol a bit more

Faraday Protocol has been out for a bit for many of us to be able to give a go and experience what the puzzles have to offer up. It did hit us on August 12th on the PC and consoles out there, so there is little excuse to say why you have not played what Red Koi Box put together for us all. Time being the bigger excuse many might have, but that could be for a better as we have a major update here for Faraday Protocol to give us all a better experience. Just as most of the updates out there usually do and offer up the better visuals and mechanics in the mix of it all. Thankfully, there is also a bit more to all of this than just visuals for us to enjoy here.

In addition to all of the visual stuff, we are getting some of the puzzles in Faraday Protocol redefined and altered for us to enjoy. There are also a few more new puzzles mixed into it all for us to enjoy too. All to make the flow of Faraday Protocol feel a bit more concise and a better experience. In addition to all of the bugs and other smaller issues in the mix of things that many have been plaguing us all before now. Have a look at the other updates that are coming in this update just below and then get ready to go through the whole experience one more time out there. It should be worth it all or just get you back in to the fun puzzles once more.

Faraday Protocol — Quality Of Life Update

The Quality of Life Update offers refined puzzles, that were tweaked based on player feedback. The resulting optimized gameplay flow, in addition with minor bug fixes, allows for an even smoother puzzle experience. Faraday Protocol puts you in the shoes of an interstellar archaeologist, on his quest to uncover the secrets of an ancient ruin. You will face puzzles that challenge your wits and intelligence when tasked to bend energy with an alien weapon, the Bia Tool.

Have you had a chance to experience Faraday Protocol before now or will these get you in on the title to give it a chance? How different do you think the puzzles will feel or will it just be a better experience to enjoy here? Will it be the visual upgrades that you are looking for here and will that be enough to go through it all once more? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. For more on Faraday Protocol, keep checking back in here. We will keep the news flowing at you as best as we can going forward.

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