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Fear Is Getting A Little More Physical For Song Of Horror

Fear Is Getting A Little More Physical For Song Of Horror

Song Of Horror

A physical edition for Song Of Horror is announced to give us one more option to buy Song Of Horror in

Last week, we heard that Song Of Horror was finally coming over to the PS4 and Xbox One here soon. Horror fans that do not normally play on their PC had another fun title to look forward to adding into the mix and Protocol Games was hitting a whole new part of the community with the experience. This is always something great. Now it looks like Raiser Games and Meridiem Games are aiming to make sure another subsection of the community will be covered with Song Of Horror by offering up a new physical edition of the game. For those looking to give it a go on the PS4, that is. So, a smaller sect that enjoys the physical collections and playing on the PlayStation. It is still something to behold no matter how you feel on it.

This new version of Song Of Horror does not look like it will be throwing in any crazy or over-the-top little extras that will break the bank for anyone to pick up. Thankfully, it looks to add in just a fun sleave to have over the game case and some other items that look like they will help fill out some of the game’s world. That being a Character Guide and a Maps Guide to have in hand while trying to move about the haunted place. Given the variations of each of the characters and how easy it looks like we can get lost in Song Of Horror, these could be some amazing saving graces for it all. It might not be something that will have gamers rushing out to throw down on, but those that enjoy the physical items and books will have something extra to enjoy for sure.

Song Of Horror — Deluxe Edition

Song Of Horror — Deluxe Edition

Song Of Horror, the acclaimed horror game developed by Protocol Games and published by Raiser Games, will have a special physical bosed edition thanks to Meridiem Games that will arrive this summer on PlayStation 4 console.

Meridiem Games is taking care of publishing and manufacturing physical boxed products of Song Of Horror and distribute to specialized retail stores across Europe.

This Deluxe Edition on PlayStation 4, includes a special sleeve, a map guide where you can note clues you find during gameplay, and a characters guide, that explains each one’s abilities and their relation to the story.

Have you shifted over to an all-digital gaming setup or do physical editions still have you out there throwing down cash for the extras? Do you think these guides will help us all when playing through Song Of Horror or will they just be little companions to help others figure out what is going on along the way? Were you secretly hoping to see some kind of statue along the way for this or does it make sense for this title to keep it nice and easy? Give us all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If we have more to share for Song Of Horror, know we will have it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back for all of that and everything else we might have along the way.

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