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Fight New Enemies, Go To New Locations, & Pet New Animals In Far Cry New Dawn

Fight New Enemies, Go To New Locations, & Pet New Animals In Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn

A new breakdown video for Far Cry New Dawn goes over all of the old Far Cry 5 things and new ones that are coming to this new experience

It is no big surprise that Far Cry New Dawn will feature quite a few new things out there to the franchise, but now we have a better look at what will be new and what will be returning in this new title. It is still listed as not an expansion by Ubisoft and it looks like that will be more of the case as we have a new breakdown of some of the changes coming to the game while still fully linking to the last title. There will be some of the old guns for hire from Far Cry 5 here and many familiar landscapes. There will also be some new fangs for hire and how we will handle weapons in the game. Just as a full game should be when building off the last one.

Since this is the internet, yes there will be a new dog to hire on in Far Cry New Dawn as well as a boar that will help you out while traveling around and causing hell for the Highwaymen. Hell that will also lead to picking up new crafting supplies and liberating new locations in the open world here. We will need to be able to rebuild the world and we will be the savior here while also possibly being pulled into the insanity of The Father too. Since we are playing a different survivor in Far Cry New Dawn we may not know why this is a bad idea just yet. Have a look and see all of the cool little changes coming and get ready for February 15th to swing around here.

Far Cry New Dawn — Fight New Enemies, Travel To New Locations, And Pet New Animals

Get new details on Far Cry New Dawn’s weapon crafting, building up your home base, and new ways to get around in the post-apocalypse. Discover the frantic smash-and-grab Expeditions, get up close with The Twins, meet some new friends, and experience some of the explosive ways you can make life hard on the Highwaymen in a transformed Hope County.

Are you starting to see Far Cry New Dawn as more than an expansion or will it still feel that way given the swiftness it is releasing and how it is linked to the last title? Are you more excited to have a boar as part of your team or will you still stick to man’s best friend here? How do you think the cult will build into this story or will they just be a different faction there to help secure Hope County yet again? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Far Cry New Dawn, keep checking in here. We will try to have it all for you up to and after launch.

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