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Fight Off The Mind’s Horrors With The Demo Of Wantless

Fight Off The Mind’s Horrors With The Demo Of Wantless


Wantless, a new turn-based RPG, is on the way to us all with a new demo for Wantless out there to enjoy

Another kind of dystopian future is upon us here with the upcoming Wantless for the PC. This is the latest title on its way to us from Drop Rate Studio and Twin Sails Interactive that will not only show us something of the future, but all manner of horrors that could come about that are not the typical ones. Some of the worst parts of our tortured minds will be bringing them to life in Wantless and we can get a small look at them with the latest demo that has also dropped out there from the Steam Next Fest most of us will be partaking in. Now is a good time to be a gamer and we can see what we will be trying to avoid in the coming future for all of this with the game here.

Okay, that all might be a bit of a stretch out there for Wantless, but it drives home the point of the world of the game a bit better. Something we will need to manage while going through this turn-based, tactical, RPG inside the mind of our patient out there. All with procedurally generated mazes to navigate while putting the beat-down on the various monsters that pop up along the way. Most of which look like a mix of cyberpunk and cosmic horror mixed together. Not the usual genres you see mixed together, but there is a need to make Wantless to stand out. that is going to be one of the ways it will. Have a look and then give the demo a try if it looks like it will whet your whistle.

Wantless — Reveal

Wantless is a turn-based tactical RPG where you face the woes inside your patients’ tortured minds.

Set in a dystopian future of another kind, where most of the population is asleep, Wantless takes you through procedurally generated runs called mind-mazes. Brace for a fast-paced combat experience, supported by a deep skill-crafting system. Use your action points wisely, as each of your foes will receive the same number of points as you’ve just spent.

Be prepared to dive within the tormented side of the psyche. 🧠

Are you going to be giving Wantless a try here or will it be something you are going to wait until launch for? Do you like the blending of the various elements and genres here or will it all only make sense in the tortured mind we are about to enter? When we will see a full resurgence of the turn-based RPG out there or is that something that only the smaller titles will be able to embrace in the modern era? Let the world know what horrors are inside that mind about all of this and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. There should be more out there for Wantless, and we will have all of it here for you as it comes. Please keep checking back for all of that and much, much more in the coming days.

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