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Final Fantasy XVI Writes Our Fates In Fire This June

Final Fantasy XVI Writes Our Fates In Fire This June

Final Fantasy XVI

The release date for Final Fantasy XVI is now set to give us more revenge out there in the Final Fantasy universe

Here we go with the release date set down for Final Fantasy XVI so we can all get ready. Another one of those big reveals during The Game Awards this year and Square Enix tried to hold it out until the end. A great little show-stopper for sure to get us all amped up to see where the Final Fantasy IP is going to go once again. Even if many of us are still waiting for another chapter to a different line we have been in love with it before now. No matter the case, we can look to get the latest title on the PS5 this coming June 22nd. Right in that sweet spot of the year for many of us out there.

To go along with this release date reveal, and the quickly selling Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy XVI, we have one more trailer to look at to see how violent the game is going to be. We knew it was going to go a little darker and grittier than we have had as of late, but this one looks like it is going to be filled with all of the medieval violence we could hope for. Not to mention that it looks like the Summons in Final Fantasy XVI will be more of us taking on the role of the beast we bring in instead of it coming in to help. That is the look of it, as our protagonist takes on the role of Ifrit here to face off with many others out there. An interesting take if it is playing out as it all looks here.

Final Fantasy XVI — Revenge

The flames of vengeance burn bright and beckon with ambitious hunger. Awaken the Eikons, but will you dominate them or will they dominate you?

Final Fantasy XVI launches June 22, 2023, on PlayStation 5.

Are you fully amped up to give a new Final Fantasy title a try or were you still looking to finish out the others before moving on? Will this be the bloodiest of the titles out there or is that all just for the trailers and we will still get the basic violence the IP is known for? Will we be taking on the roles of the Summons this time or is this just a weird way that the trailer is showing it all off? Give us those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so want to. There is going to be a lot more for Final Fantasy XVI coming up now, and we will have it all here. Please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else you so wish.

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