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Forspoken Is Hyping Us Up Even More In A Cinematic Way

Forspoken Is Hyping Us Up Even More In A Cinematic Way


More hype is out there for Forspoken that shows us all a little more of what to expect in the world of Forspoken

With January 24th not too far off, those looking for a new RPG on the PS5 and PC need to settle in for what Forspoken has to offer. We have had quite a bit for it before now from Luminous Productions and then there is also the demo that has been on the PS5 for over a month now. We should all be ready for Forspoken to land or know if we are going to be skipping it. Then again, sometimes we need a little more hype to draw us in and try to sell us on the experience once again. That is what we have going for us now with the latest cinematic trailer for the game. Get ready to see if it is going to be all hype or we will find out that there was something deeper hidden behind it all this whole time.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, what we have for Forspoken here is just a bit of sizzle and nothing that comes directly from the game. Yes, it is another hype video to get us excited. Excited but also give us a feel for the chaotic nature of things we might be seeing in the final version of the game. Frey does seem to be hopping between her world and the fantasy one of Athia in the trailer. Facing off with modern-day obstacles while also having to face off with the beasts of the other world. Even if the demo and gameplay for Forspoken have yet to show this is how the game will be played. It does seem a little off to show that as a theme in this trailer but not show where we will have to make those jumps in the gameplay. So far, the gameplay has just shown us the fish out of water story and we will just need to learn these new skills in the fantasy world so we can get back to our home.

Forspoken — Cinematic

Find Your Fight

Forspoken releases worldwide on January 24, 2023.

Join Frey Holland as she is mysteriously transported from New York City to the beautiful yet cruel landscapes of Athia. In her journey to find a way home, she must look within to overcome the battles against twisted Breakbeasts and the treacherous Tantas.

Will there be parts of Forspoken that will have us shifting realms or will we always be stuck in one trying to get home to the other? Is it an odd campaign to go with here for the game to hype up features and elements we will never experience in the game? Could all of this have been a ruse by the developers to keep the bigger story hidden or will the demo we have had truly be what we are going to get? Let us all talk about this down in the comments and then discuss it all until the game launches. We should have more for Forspoken in the coming weeks, so please keep checking in here for all of that and everything else that we have to offer up for you. I hope that you will not be let down by that at all.

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