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Forspoken Will Give Us Many More Reasons To Explore The World Of Athia

Forspoken Will Give Us Many More Reasons To Explore The World Of Athia


The next deep dive into Forspoken is here with getting all the reasons we will need to explore the world of Forspoken

We have had the magic and we have had the traversal, and now we are back with a look at what we are going to be exploring out there in Forspoken. Not that we did not already know it was going to be the world of Athia that Luminous Productions has put together, but there is much more to that. Forspoken would be a rather bland game if there was not more to look at and do in the game’s world. Now we are finally getting a better look at all of it beyond running around, hunting down enemies, and trying to get Frey home from the weirdness that has fallen upon them. Even if some of the features do not fully line up with what one would think in a fantasy game.

In the world of Athia, the main lands in Forspoken, we will find all manner of creatures, statues, and locations out there in the lands. Some of them will be how we will need to boost up our magic and skills by unlocking them. Some of them will give us access to bigger and better things while offering an extra level of challenge to the game. Some of them will have us trying to pet magical cats. While some of them will have us trying to impress the populace of Forspoken by taking fancy pictures of the world that many others cannot get to. Even if some of them would probably kill your average human with the challenges and trials that are mixed in. All of this is something that Frey can crush with the extra powers granted along the way.

Forspoken — Deep Dive: Exploring Athia

The world of Athia has been afflicted by a corrupting force known as the Break, and Frey’s ability to venture into these blighted areas unscathed proves to be invaluable to the surviving Athians living in Cipal.

Frey has plenty of ways to keep her hands full while searching for a way home to New York, including some very intriguing points of interest to explore.

Get a glimpse at some of the numerous endeavors Frey can take on while exploring Athia in Forspoken.

Forspoken arrives on January 24, 2023.

Does all of this show you that there will be days and days of content in Forspoken or will you be looking to skip it all for some reason? How difficult will some of these puzzles be to unlock extras along the way or will that only be based on home many others we have completed already? Why do you think there are going to be magical cats instead of some other type of creature out there and could this point to the speculation this is all in Frey’s head? Let the world out there know your thoughts on all of this by discussing it all down in the comments. We will have much more for Forspoken soon, so please keep checking in for all of that and everything else we can share to you along the way.

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