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Four New Characters Have Been Revealed For Evolve

Four New Characters Have Been Revealed For Evolve


There are now four new characters for Evolve but the same four classes.

Just in case you thought the first set of hunters for Evolve were boring, Turtle Rock has brought us four new characters for the game. One for each class with their own new personalities and different abilities, skills, and weapons in the game. I’ll be honest here too; each of these new characters seems a lot cooler than the basic four that came with the original announcement for Evolve.

Here is a quick rundown for the four new characters.

  • Hyde – Assault
    • Much more up close fighter.
    • Has a flamethrower
    • Uses Toxic Grenades to flush out the monster instead of just attack.
  • Lazarus – Medic
    • Listed as a space necromancer
    • Doesn’t have healer-type abilities
    • Is able to resurrect downed hunters instead of waiting for respawn
  • Maggie – Trapper
    • Has a pet Trapjaw named Daisy
    • Daisy acts like a bloodhound while hunting
    • Uses harpoon mines to trap instead of harpoon gun
  • Bucket – Support
    • Is a robot with personality
    • Can send his head flying around to scout the area
    • Can deploy belly sentry guns in the area

So there you have it. The four new hunters for Evolve. Like I said, these new characters seem to have more of a personality in general than any of the first set of Evolve characters. Even the assault class here seems more than just a ‘Me Smash’ kind of person. Then again, that could all just be me and seeing ‘new is always better’.

Evolve is now slated for a release of October 21st 2014 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Hopefully there will be more characters added to the mix; or at least new monsters. Hopefully there will be more news at E3 here in a few week’s time.

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