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Funko Fusion Will Be Dropping In Some Team Fortress 2 When It Launches

Funko Fusion Will Be Dropping In Some Team Fortress 2 When It Launches

Funko Fusion

Those getting Funko Fusion on the PC will get some extra characters in the mix of Funko Fusion from Team Fortress 2

Some of us were hoping we would see things like this for Funko Fusion and others, not so much, but it looks like we are starting to get some of those exclusives set up for the game. Not that the IP is unfamiliar with exclusives, though some did not think that 10:10 Games was going to do it here. All of that aside, those looking to get Funko Fusion on the PC via Steam will have some fun new and free things to play with. That is, the characters of Team Fortress 2 will have their own showing in the game exclusively there. If that will spill out to the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or Switch down the line, or if the others will have their own exclusive, is still yet to be seen. Just know it is coming and get ready to see what this all means for the game.

As you might have guessed, this pack for Funko Fusion will give us access to the four main characters from Team Fortress 2 all done up in their own Funko POP! style. The Heavy will also get the mini-gun, The Medic will get a bone saw, The Scout a Scattergun, and The Engineer will have the trusty Build-Matic Wrench to use. All while still mixing in some of the other fun from that IP into Funko Fusion. Then we all can have all of the other crossover events we have been waiting for to show up in a game like this. That does feel like the main goal while keeping things on the more grown-up side of things for gameplay. Have a look and see what these characters are going to bring to the game and if it is going to sway you to pick it up via Steam when it does drop out there on September 13th.

Funko Fusion — Team Fortress 2 Reveal

Get the Team Fortress 2 Pack for Funko Fusion exclusively on Steam. For FREE!

Roll out with Heavy with his beloved Mini-Gun “Sasha” to mow down enemies and clear the way forward! Speed through with Scout and his wide-spread Scattergun! Experiment with Medic’s Bonesaw and innovative Syringe Gun! Control combat manufacturing with the Engineer and his trusty Build-Matic Wrench.

Funko Fusion releases September 13.

Will this be the other IP that gets you to pick up Funko Fusion or will it be something else to get you in? How do you feel about Team Fortress 2 being the IP to be exclusive on the PC and does it truly earn that spot? Do you suspect we will see the other platforms get their own exclusives and will they only be timed so all can enjoy down the line? Head down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have for the game up to now. More for Funko Fusion will be coming very soon, so please keep a close eye on the site for all of that and everything else we can offer up on the site for you.

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