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Get Amped Up One More Time For Of Bird And Cage

Get Amped Up One More Time For Of Bird And Cage

Of Bird And Cage

One more trailer for Of Bird And Cage offers up a final look at how Of Bird And Cage will look and the horror it could have

One more trailer is here for Of Bird And Cage to tease us all into the launch of the game this week. It has mainly been all teasers out there for the game so far but that does help keep up some of the mystery behind what Capricia Productions is working on here. It is either a solid way to go about presenting Of Bird And Cage to us all or a way to make sure fewer PC gamers out there are aware of it all. There have been many things out there to show off the basics for the game up to now while keeping the story beats hidden from us until May 20th. For story-based titles out there, this is a great idea to do. It could just also be a bit of a poor choice to make sure many out there know the game and playable album is going to be a thing here this week.

This teaser for Of Bird And Cage does not give off much at all besides the fact the game is still coming. Not to spoil a thing for those that have not moved down to watch the teaser already. There is none of the music that is a highlight of the game and only a bit of a scene depicting more of the struggles Gitta will be going through. She is stuck in an abusive relationship of sorts that also has links to addiction too. Gitta getting out of all of this and fighting back is what we know are the basics for Of Bird And Cage so far and this is more of a look at it. All in a metaphoric feel that those suffering do say it feels like when in this state. Thankfully, we do not have long to see if this will all work out as expected while going through the core of it all.

Of Bird And Cage — Final Teaser

Teaser trailer #4 from our upcoming rock/metal musical story-driven game Of Bird And Cage.

Of Bird And Cage is a music album produced as a story-driven video game featuring artists from (ex) Guns N’ Roses, Epica, Within Temptation, and many others, telling a modern, dark version of “Beauty and the Beast” releasing May 20th 2021.

Do you think the limited info out there for Of Bird And Cage is going to help keep the mystery or will it hurt it from the lack of knowledge out there? Is it weird that we do not have more of the music mixed into this trailer or will this be a scene that will be mostly in silence to help emphasize the darkness of it all? Does it feel like they are getting the visuals nailed down for all of this and could this be a little too intense for some gamers out there that have suffered through all of this? Give us all of that feedback and then feel free to discuss it all down in the comments. We will keep tossing up the information for Of Bird And Cage and everything else as we get it. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of it and stay as up on it all as you can.

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