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Get Ready For Some New Bloody Ties Coming To Dying Light 2

Get Ready For Some New Bloody Ties Coming To Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

The first big DLC for Dying Light 2 is on the way with more to come out of Gamescom this year for Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties

We have had a whole lot of updates out there for Dying Light 2 since it first launched and now we are getting closer to the first big DLC for the game. This will be more than just some cosmetics and basic missions out there with Techland giving us the next part of the story out in the world. It is time to get ready for Blood Ties to come to us all out there in Dying Light 2. It is just a little bit of a teaser with more to come out of Gamescom, but we do have something to take in from all of this. At least we can make some assumptions from it all that might be a little off from where it could end up going.

It is a quick thirty seconds of a scene for Dying Light 2 that looks like it will take us into a fighting pit of sorts. The larger fighter wins with some massive brutality in the mix and then heads over to claim a mask that feels like it fits their situation. It does not look like any of the characters we have grown to love as of yet, but it is a short tease. Thankfully, we will get those answers on August 23rd when the bigger showing for Dying Light 2: Blood Ties goes out there for the world to see. My guess is that this is a different faction out there that we will have to overcome and free from the darkness out there. I could be way off, though.

Dying Light 2 — Bloody Ties

Time to unveil some details about Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties — the first DLC coming to the City. What dangers wait for you? How can you beat them? What will you get in return? One thing is certain… it will be brutal!

But remember — this is just an appetizer of what the Carnage Hall is truly about.

Prepare for an even bigger rush of adrenaline and excitement when we uncover more during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live on August 23rd! See you there!

Where do you think this DLC will take us in Dying Light 2 and will it be as dark as this teaser makes it feel? Will it be completely new elements in the game from this or will it be recycled parts from other areas of the maps? Will we be forced into waves of these kinds of fights or will this just be a scene to get us involved in their drama? Tell us all down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all until the infected come home. We will share the next big things for Dying Light 2 here on the site, so be sure to keep checking in for all of that. I am sure we will not be let down at all for this title.

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