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Get Ready To Party A Bit More With Lust In Hitman 3

Get Ready To Party A Bit More With Lust In Hitman 3

Hitman 3

The next of the Hitman Seven Deadly Sins update is here to bring us more of the party for Hitman 3 instead of the death

The next sin is out here now for Hitman 3 with Lust taking a bit of the stage for it all. It might not fully fit the look and feel of the IP that IO Interactive has for us, but it is needed to fill out the full set and now we are able to see what kind of party this one is going to bring us all. Given the style of the Hitman games, I am sure it will not go along the traditional lines that many think of when Lust is involved but we could be surprised with how some of the others have shaken out over the course of all of this. There can be a lust for violence after all and I have a feeling this is the path the latest DLC will take us to keep the sin ball rolling on down to the pit.

Just as we have had with the other Seven Deadly Sin releases for Hitman 3, we are getting some new weapons and a suit that fits the theme of it all. Quite a lot of red and black as that is the traditional color scheme we have for the sin. We also have a new mission and experience to go through that reuses the Berlin location to give us all of the sin-filled fun we could be looking for in Hitman 3. It also fits a bit more with the red-light district when it comes to all of those traditional sex-filled thoughts of lust instead of the other variations there are out there. When you boil it all down, those seven deadly sins are all about the same thing just with a different coat of paint on them. That is a discussion for a different site to have, though.

Hitman 3 — Seven Deadly Sins — Lust

Get ready for some Tough Love. The Season of Lust in Hitman 3 starts on July 27th with Act 4 of the Seven Deadly Sins. Find your secret admirer in the Lust Assignation Escalation and go deep into the mind of Agent 47. Experience a new take on the Berlin location and unlock new sin-themed items and suit to show off your insatiable Lust.

Will you be taking on the lust-filled fun here in Hitman or will it just be to get the skins that most are looking for? Do you think Berlin is the fitting location for this or is there a different one in the game that they should have gone with? How deep into the sex side of it all will the DLC go or will it only be mentioned in passing? Give us all of that feedback in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. We will keep sharing what we can for Hitman 3, so please keep checking back in for all of that. Hopefully, you will not be let down by any of it as we march ever forward.