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Get To Know More Of Gitta’s Voice For Of Bird And Cage

Get To Know More Of Gitta’s Voice For Of Bird And Cage

Of Bird And Cage

A new interview for Of Bird And Cage is out to give us some new perspectives for the main character within Of Bird And Cage

There is still a whole lot to try to figure out for Of Bird And Cage since it was first shown off to us and now we only have a few more days before it hits the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC out there. May 20th is still that day for those looking to see how Capricia Productions is bringing an album to life with this new game here. It is certainly a new thing for us to try to experience here and I know I am excited to see how it all pans out and plays. I know I just wish we had a bit more to go on to help build the hype. Which is why we are back once again for Of Bird And Cage today to help us understand a bit more behind the voice of the protagonist and the artist that is bringing it all to life just a bit more. Get locked in for a new behind-the-scenes video to enjoy here.

In the latest for Of Bird And Cage, we get to meet Kobra Paige who is the voice and singer behind this new telling of a Beauty & The Beast story. Something that also looks to highlight some of the hardships that female artists that are starting out go through. That and just how terrible the world can be to those that are suffering through addiction and the humans that will take advantage of that fact. Something that Kobra says she does not have much first-hand experience with but a solid understanding of what Gritta will go through in Of Bird And Cage. All through an interesting way to feed a new metal album to us all. Also, something that does not seem like the main goal of this title as more and more of it keeps coming to us. Thankfully, we do not have to wait too much longer to experience all of this and see the true message behind it all.

Of Bird And Cage — Meet Kobra Paige

Kobra Paige, the lead singer and songwriter for Kobra and the Lotus, voices Gitta in Of Bird And Cage. Find out who Gitta is and how Kobra relates to her in this exclusive.

You’re not just listening to a music album—you’re inside a dark, twisted game. Symphonic metal will lead you through this story of trauma, violence, and madness. Play as Gitta, a 25-year-old drug addict, who tries to escape the physical and mental prison of her captor—Bres.

Have you enjoyed the little bits of what we have had for Of Bird And Cage up to now or do you still need more to get the full picture? Will you at least be willing to give the live demo of the game a go to see what it is or will you be holding off until next week? Could this all be a new form of media to feed to us and keep us engaged in stories like this and the artists behind them? Let all of us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. We will have more for Of Bird And Cage on the site, so be sure to keep an eye out for all of that in the coming days. I have a feeling we will not be let down by this one at all.

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