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Getting To Know Your Dracula In Lords Of Shadow 2

Getting To Know Your Dracula In Lords Of Shadow 2

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2

A New Developer Diary For Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Has Been Released. It Showcases The Developer’s Take On Dracula For The Lords Of Shadow Franchise.

You think you know Dracula from Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2? You are most likely about on par with the direction that the developers over at Mercury Steam for the most part. You might also be worlds off. I guess it’s a good thing that there is a new developer diary that has been release to help clear up any confusion you may have on the character of Dracula. Just in case you thought there was any confusion.

In any instance we get an explanation on the path that they are taking this iconic literature character as well as a few of the inspirations the devs drew from to craft the protagonist for Lords Of Shadow 2. Although I’ll be honest, there is nothing all to shocking in that arena as they used mostly the best inspirations in my not so humble opinion. I am also glad to hear that they are trying to go darker with Gabriel Dracula this go around as well.

Go ahead and take a watch here. Also know that @Konami will also be fielding all of your Lords Of Shadow 2 questions for the developers and they will follow up in future videos. So if you have something burning on your mind spam them away with your question.

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