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Ghost Recon Wildlands Is Also Getting An Open “Beta” Before Launch

Ghost Recon Wildlands Is Also Getting An Open “Beta” Before Launch

Ghost Recon Wildlands

It has been announced that Ghost Recon Wildlands will be getting an open beta next week bringing one more Ghost Recon Wildlands location to explore since before

The closed beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands has come and gone and many players had a chance to check out a small slice of the game and tool around with some of the gameplay features. I too missed out on it all due to time and other constraints so don’t feel bad if you were in the same bucket. Also don’t feel bad as it looks like Ubisoft is going to give everyone another chance to check out a bit of what Ghost Recon Wildlands has to offer with another beta. This time it is an open beta so everyone can check it out; just like they did with For Honor. Aren’t they so magnanimous? Of course they are.

Before you scoff at this, I’m mainly looking at those in the closed beta, let it be known that this open version will also bring a new location to experience in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Maybe not new overall to the game as it is already set in the full version of the game, but new to everyone as it was not available in the closed version. Now you have a reason to pre-load it all again on February 21st so you can dive right in when the flood gates open on the 23rd. Again, so close to the release date for Ghost Recon Wildlands but I’d like to think that they know what they are doing over there. Their most recent title seems to have thrived from all of that.

Ghost Recon Wildlands — Open Beta Coming

Squad up and don’t miss your chance to play for free during the Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta. The Open Beta is coming 02.23.17 – 02.27.17.


The Santa Blanca gathered their elite sicarios here to build a paramilitary force. Montuyoc is located in between the Altiplano and the highlands and has impressive vistas where you can watch red lakes from above. But it’s also the training center of the Santa Blanca Cartel, so expect some fierce fights there!

El Sueño has built a vast arsenal here, protected by large bases, which contains modern light and heavy weapons, guns, tanks, mortars, and anti-aircraft missiles. This arsenal is available to the best sicarios who come to the deserted moors of Montuyoc for training. Santa Blanca’s goal at Montuyoc is to train a small elite army capable of standing up to the best armies in South America.

This open beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands will run until the 27th and looks to house pretty much everything else that the closed version had before. If there is anything extra besides the location, Ubisoft has yet to tell us all about it. All that is known is that we are getting the Montuyoc location to shoot up and, if my suspicions are right, we’ll be making sure that the Ghost Recon Wildlands servers will be able to handle all of our online playing. I am a bit curious to see how this will affect For Honor given the close proximity to releases and multiplayer additions that are mostly being looked at here. Time will tell…

Were you able to participate before and looking forward to the new location and mission for Ghost Recon Wildlands or will you be sitting this one out? Do you think that this will be how all of their titles go moving forward or were they just further testing waters here? Do you also find it odd that we are seeing a “beta” so close to launch again or should this all really be titled an online “demo” for the game? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss as you wish. For more on Ghost Recon Wildlands and other games like it, be sure to stay right here. We are always trying to bring you the most up to date news and it does need reading.

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