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Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Story Has Been Well Crafted With A Real-World Flare

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Story Has Been Well Crafted With A Real-World Flare

Ghost Recon Wildlands

A new behind the scenes video for Ghost Recon Wildlands has been released to give us a sense of how Ghost Recon Wildlands’ story was crafted

Hopefully by now you are all the way into the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta and unlocking all the fun that we can expect on March 7th. If not, you should get in there and give the game a try. For those who opted to either wait or take a break from all the fun, it looks like Ubisoft has given us another taste of the game’s story and how it was crafted. As it turns out, Ghost Recon Wildlands is actually set deeper in reality than many out there may have known. At least that is a bit of the takeaway in the most recent “Behind The Scenes” video that has just been released for out consumption.

If you knew it or not, you can now have a look at the thought process as well as the reasoning being the story for Ghost Recon Wildlands that Don Winslow has written and just how many real-world issues it pulls from to get things just right. He also goes into detail on how video games have been molding the story telling process of the years and how it is starting to truly eclipse film, TV, and literature in some ways. Kind of funny to hear a novelist state that, but I agree and it is why I want into the business so much. It is games like Ghost Recon Wildlands that truly drive it home. At least if it all pans out as we expect it to.

Have a look for yourself though and see a bit more on the story you are going to get to experience here soon. Thankfully it doesn’t look like there are any spoilers for Ghost Recon Wildlands proper here, so you can enjoy the quick break and then head right back into the fray as the open beta continues out there. Hopefully you’ll get your fill so the extra wait time doesn’t hurt too much.

Ghost Recon Wildlands — Behind The Scenes

Don Winslow, best-selling author of The Power of the Dog describes how he contributed rooting the story and characters of Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Are you currently enjoying the open beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands or are you holding completely off until launch? Do you think that the story here is going to be just as amazing as everyone is hinting at here or will it just be another thing people skip on through to the next bit of gameplay? Do you agree with Mr. Winslow on the way video games are advancing story telling or will all of the different mediums need to carry on? Give us all those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. I am sure we will see more for Ghost Recon Wildlands in the coming weeks so you’ll want to stick right here to be sure to see all of those updates as they come.

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