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Ghostwire: Tokyo Finally Lets You Take Some Glorious New Photos Out There

Ghostwire: Tokyo Finally Lets You Take Some Glorious New Photos Out There

Ghostwire: Tokyo

A new update for Ghostwire: Tokyo is out that adds in a robust Photo Mode into the fun of Ghostwire: Tokyo

The update that many of you have been waiting for to come to Ghostwire: Tokyo is finally here. The new Photo Mode for the game is done and out there from Tango Gameworks so you can make sure to be able to capture all of those sick moments in the game on the PS4, PS5, and PC. At least capture them all in a form that you would rather want than just a well-timed screenshot of the action going on. That has been an option since Ghostwire: Tokyo, but that almost always came down to the luck of the draw instead of being able to stage a great shot using the assets that the team has carefully placed in the game in the first place.

Just as we get in all of the other Photo Modes out there, in Ghostwire: Tokyo we will be able to pause and alter many different lighting and style options in the game. Some new filters, a bit of depth of field, and it looks like there will be some posing going on too. What is interesting to see is that we will be able to move some of the models around to line up the perfect shot too. That has to be the more interesting thing to see here as before Ghostwire: Tokyo it has mostly been just changing poses and visibility. Now we will be able to change the actor’s position during the time pause. A nice, new feature indeed as long as it does not lead to bugs in the game where the pawn does not know where to properly start back once the game is un-paused.

Ghostwire: Tokyo — Photo Mode Update

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s latest update introduces new Photo Mode features for capturing spirits on camera 📸


  • A new shortcut key for Quick Photo Mode (on the PS5 DualSense, it’s a simple press of the right directional button)
  • A toggle for Akito to be in Selfie Mode
  • Three new filters: Blue Monday, Red Moon, and Cinema Projector
  • The ability to freeze characters and Akito, with an option to advance both one frame forward in animation
  • Five options for different times of day
  • Depth of field options, including focal distance and aperture value
  • Camera effects for hue, saturation, brightness, black point, white point, and additional gamma settings
  • Numerous options to change Akito’s position and a toggle to have him look at the camera

Is this a new reason for you to load up Ghostwire: Tokyo once more or is a Photo Mode something that should have been in since day-one? Do you think we will see any weird glitches or crashing with the ability to move the pawns around in the game or will that have been perfectly ironed out already? Does a Photo Mode need to be in every game or is it a nice little feature a small group asks for but gives the developer a new reason to put it all back in the spotlight? Tell us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then discuss it all as you so wish. When we have anything more for Ghostwire: Tokyo, we will toss it up on the site for you. Please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we have to offer up.

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