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Go Behind The Violent Scenes We Have For The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Go Behind The Violent Scenes We Have For The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

A new look at The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is here to show how some of the extra violence is brought to life for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

There is one thing that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre should be known for and that is some of the high-end violence when it comes to horror. We are talking about a murder family where one of the members does run around with a chainsaw to attack his victims with. So, all of this should also be expected from the upcoming title that Gun Interactive is working on too. We have seen how they are bringing the horrors of Texas to life for the environment, now we get to go behind the scenes and see just how the team and one of the horror icons are going to be freaking us all out a little more. That and to build up more hype for this asymmetrical horror experience to hit the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC some time later in 2023. It is now time to go behind the scenes and see just what is being done and who is doing it to make it as authentic as possible.

Get ready for a long and deep dive into the motion capture going on for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre here. Most of which is something we have seen many times over for so many other games like it in the past. Not to mention Kane Hodder coming back in with the team to bring another iconic horror villain to life with Leatherface. Kane was also the motion capture performer for Jason in Friday The 13th as well as playing some of the imposing roles in the past and being a stun coordinator. All of it still shines here again for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as we see some of the scenes played out and some of the kills from the new and old characters in the mix too. Also, how they are using some of the other horror actors out there to come in and lend their performances in there too. Actors that would not normally look as imposing in general, but can bring just a new level of performance out there for their digital twin to make sure we are all shaking in our seats when caught in the game.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre — The Mocap Sessions [BTS]

Over the past two weeks, Gun Interactive has shared more details from its upcoming 2023 release, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including a Behind-the-Scenes video focused on the motion-capture animation process and a new single from Remains, the companion album to the game’s official soundtrack. First, check out the video for an exclusive look at how Gun Interactive uses motion capture to replicate and build upon the infamous performances from the 1974 film.

Shot on-location at The House of Moves in Los Angeles and shared just this week, the video diary gives horror fans a fascinating window into the method of mo-cap, illustrating some of the key choreography and physical performance that goes into animating character movements. Featuring insight and commentary from the Gun Team and their roster of talent—including industry veteran and horror icon Kane Hodder — this video is the first installment in a series of behind-the-scenes features focused on the craft and experience of making The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Meanwhile, last week saw the arrival of “Tragic”, the latest track from the Remains companion album, written and performed by Wes Keltner & Jim Bonney. The heavy, looming song conjures images of industrial stagnation and rhythmic horror, and was very much inspired by the themes evoked by Kim Henkel’s original screenplay for the 1974 film. In a post on the Gun Interactive Community Hub page from last fall, head of Brand Strategy Matt Szep writes that “track over track, Remains tells a story, creatively, of a move forced by modernization, into a place much darker and desperate.” Utilizing everything from guitar and drums to the Apprehension Engine — the singular musical instrument capable of producing inimitable horror soundscapes — Remains weaves a tale of dark abstraction and the unstoppable march of time, one that forms the perfect complement to the world and characters of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

What are your thoughts on the new and old characters coming here for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and will they add in just the extra level of horror we all desire? Will all of these new motions and actions be truly appreciated in the game or will you forget about it all in the mix of the experience out there? Will we get to see more of the over-the-top kills in the final game or will they truly stick to the classics from the film franchise to keep us all on edge and filled with nostalgia? Tell us all of your thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. There will certainly be much more for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and we will have it all on the site for you. Please keep checking back for all of that and everything else the team can find out there for you to enjoy.

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