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Go Deeper Into Hell With A New Breakdown For Scathe

Go Deeper Into Hell With A New Breakdown For Scathe


One last breakdown for Scathe is here to help us all better understand the gameplay loop we will get with Scathe

The PC release for Scathe is looming ever so closer to us all with August 31st just over a week from now. It definitely feels like it was not too long ago that we were just starting to dip into the gameplay and what was going on in the world and soon some of us will get to actually experience it. Those that cannot wait to be surprised but what Scathe has to offer, though, should sit back and get ready. Here we go with one last gameplay look and breakdown to get us all up to speed on what is going to happen once the release date comes. Those looking to experience the game on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S should also pay attention since it is still coming your way early in 2023.

While there is a bit of a deeper dive into the magic and weapon mechanics for Scathe, the more interesting aspect of all of this is the progression through the game’s world. There is an over-arching map we will need to navigate through but it does not seem like there is a specific set path we have to take. In fact, each area we set off blasting into in Scathe will have three different exits to progress onward. Some may lead to certain death and others to new weapons to use, but it will not be a solid path we have to walk along to get to our end goal in the game. It is even encouraged to head back to other locations to see if we missed anything out there. It is a fun way to approach the genre indeed. More so when you see that all of our co-op buddies will be sharing the same life as ourselves, so a wrong move could end it all.

Scathe — Gameplay Walkthrough

👉 Coming to PC on 31 August 2022 👈

Are you ready to dive straight into bullet hell? 🔥

Ahead of our big PC release on August 31st, we wanted to go into more depth about what to expect from the gameplay in Scathe. From the epic lore right through to the powerful Dark Magic spells, Chris from Damage State spills his infernal secrets and teaches you how to survive your trip to the underworld 😈

👉 Coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One in early 2023 👈

How is Scathe shaping up to your original ideas on it all and will it give us some great new stories to tell? How vast and different will each path feel along the way or will we always be able to find the correct path by always going right? Do you think it would work out best to split up the various magic abilities to different co-op partners or will it be best for each to be able to do something even if not at full strength? Give us some feedback and then discuss it all down in the comments. If we have anything more to share for Scathe, you can bet it will all be here on the site. Just keep a close eye on it to make sure you do not miss out.

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