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Go Through The Battleborn Bootcamp Just Before The Beta

Go Through The Battleborn Bootcamp Just Before The Beta


A new video for Battleborn has launched and it looks to recruit you to the different factions of Battleborn as well as give us all a good final look at those badasses

As of today you can pre-load Battleborn in preparation for the big open beta that is about to go down. It looks like Gearbox and 2K Games are preparing for a huge influx of gamers here soon and trying to mitigate the server downtime a bit. At least in terms of loading the game up. You know, because having on the PS4 players gain access to Battleborn tomorrow is going to cause huge issues for those Xbox One and PC gamers before the 13th. You just have to loath all of these timed exclusive things right? I used the correct word there.

Anyways, to go along with the mass download of Battleborn for the open beta we also have a nice new look at all of the aspects of the game that have been revealed thus far. From characters to maps, to modes we have it all in one place and ready for you to ingest every last bit of it. There are a whole lot of characters to get through so you know this one is going to be long and drawn out but at least there is the good old humor that Gearbox is known for so that will keep you glued until the very end.

Battleborn — Bootcamp

I wish there was more to say here for Battleborn but that is about it. It’s time to get ready for that big old open beta we keep hearing about and then dive right into the game’s world to slaughter each other for fun and profit. At least in game profit. Then we just have to wait a little bit longer until Battleborn officially launches on May 3rd with all the console exclusives and extra DLC packs to purchase.

Are you ready for the Battleborn open beta now? Are you glad that you have a one stop shop for all of the ins and outs for the game to prepare with? Do you think that all of the humor will carry over well in the non-story missions? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to discuss them in the comments below. For more on Battleborn and all that jazz be sure to keep your browser locked in here. When we get more you will get more and you won’t want to miss out.

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