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Here We Go With The Tutorials For South Park The Stick Of Truth

Here We Go With The Tutorials For South Park The Stick Of Truth

South Park: The Stick Of Truth

We have a new gameplay video for South Park The Stick Of Truth and it showcases the first tutorials of the game.

We are mere weeks away from getting South Park The Stick Of Truth in our homes. Wouldn’t it be nice to spoil the first mission and tutorials so we can fly right into the game? Of course it would be. I just happen to be able to oblige you with video of all of that as well. If you don’t care to be spoiled, feel free to hop on down and check out the first thirteen minutes or so of South Park The Stick Of Truth. I won’t hold it against you as it looks like it is going to be a spectacular game and I couldn’t hold back either.

If you are still reading I am going to hit up on the highlights so you can still kind of stay spoiler free.

So, first and foremost just as we have seen in all of the other video clips, South Park The Stick Of Truth truly looks like an episode from start to finish. Sounds like it too. In fact I had the same thing happen to me that happened at South Park Studios when I was watching this video. Someone asked me what episode I was watching and then was shocked when I said it was the new game. I had no doubt about it as the studio has been very forward about that being the goal.

We also get to find out a bit more on why the silent hero we will be playing has moved to South Park. I am sure it will all tie into the overall story and events of South Park The Stick Of Truth at some point as there is some foreshadowing going on as it is stated that as long as they keep a low profile all will be fine. As you are drawn into a huge ‘LARP’ during South Park The Stick Of Truth it is easy to see that will all come out later.

We also get to see how the quests, basic combat, and shopping tutorials of South Park The Stick Of Truth play out. This also includes the descriptions on how you can time your button hits to block and link combos. Something that hasn’t been shown is that NPCs can take on stances that will need to be bypassed. Think along the lines of Reflect and Guard from other RPG games and you’ll understand what I am talking about. I had no clue they were going to get that involved in the mechanics other than the turn-based combat. It is a welcomed addition from the looks of it.

I won’t say more as it could spoil things for those who don’t want to know more. There are quite a few more things to be seen in the video itself. I completely recommend sitting back and watching it. To be honest it will most likely be something you’ll wish you could skip at the worst and something you’ll crave to experience now at the best.