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God Of Rock Brings Musical Combat To A Whole New Level With Gameplay

God Of Rock Brings Musical Combat To A Whole New Level With Gameplay

God Of Rock

Meet one of the upcoming God Of Rock characters and see how it will all play out when God Of Rock launches in 2023

The beat is on and in more than one way with God Of Rock and its latest gameplay overview that we have here to look at. For those just finding out about this title, it is the latest rhythm and combat game from Modus Games. A title that was slated to drop this year, but it looks as if there have been many changes and improvements to it all that we will now see God Of Rock launch on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC on April 18th, 2023. Not too far out and something to look forward to when you open up all of your new consoles and systems this Christmas and holiday season. If you do not have them already loaded up and ready already.

While it might sound odd to mix rhythm and combat into one game, it looks like God Of Rock has found a perfect way to do this. Here it sounds like we will have over 40 unique songs that have been made to keep looping so we are not beating the song but the opponent. Something we do by hitting notes to strike and block along the way and build up Special, EX, and Ultra attacks that will not only damage the opponent but also add modifiers that can help you or hinder them. It is all based on which character we are using in God Of Rock with each having their own styles and attacks. All are based on some real-world icons in their own way too. Characters that are easy to pinpoint their inspiration, like King, and others that may be a little deeper of a cut, like Ziggy.

God Of Rock — Gameplay Overview

In this overview trailer, we go over the details of musical combat for God Of Rock. Learn about the game’s core mechanics and how some of the characters use their abilities to prepare you for this upcoming competitive game.

God Of Rock pushes players to their limit, forcing them to fight in tune with a song decided by the characters and stage selected. Keep up with the jams or you won’t last in this duel amongst the most excellent musicians in the universe. Are you ready for a musical battle that will resonate through the ages?

God Of Rock opens its world tour on April 18, 2023, unleashing a stacked setlist of energetic tracks that players will need to master to perform devastating combos in musical matches against other fighters.

Okay, so Ziggy might have been a bad example for a hard one to tell in God Of Rock. This is the first one we have to spotlight here and it looks like Ziggy is based on David Bowie. Well, more the stage presence and the “Starman” aspect of it all. That is definitely something that Ziggy digs into here with the look and the fact that they are a literal Spaceman out there. All while summoning various alien ships to attack and cause massive damage as Ziggy fights to be the God Of Rock champion out there. You can see Ziggy below and then need to wait to see how some of the other characters will be based around other various musicians and types out there. Even if we have yet to see one based around Humor Core or Death Metal as of yet.

God Of Rock — Ziggy Spotlight

Introducing Ziggy: a spaceman from a small moon where everyone wears grey suits and rock was outlawed a long time ago. Get to know Ziggy’s abilities and why he could help you become the God Of Rock Champion.

Is it interesting to see how God Of Rock is blending the different gameplay styles and will it work out for the best? Will it be a little distraction to have to hit the notes on the bottom of the screen while all of the combat flows just above it all? What other character types are you hoping to see added into the mix here and will we see the roster filled out vastly by the time it launches? Feel free to let everyone out there know what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. There will be much more for God Of Rock out there, so please keep checking back in here for all of that and everything else that we can share along the way too.

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