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God Of Rock — Champ Spotlight

God Of Rock — Champ Spotlight

God Of Rock

Check out the new trailer for God Of Rock that has dropped out there for our viewing pleasure

God Of Rock is a rhythm-based fighting title for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC coming from Modus Games in April 18th, 2023.



God Of Rock — Champ Spotlight

Introducing Champ! Champ melts hearts everywhere he goes with his brilliant baritone voice—he has a gift for making fans swoon. This dashing theater big shot will leave opponents starstruck with his mere presence. Master Champ’s perfectionist performance to dazzle the opponent and become the God Of Rock champion.

God Of Rock pushes players to their limit, forcing them to fight in tune to a song decided by the characters and stage selected. Keep up with the jams or you won’t last in this duel amongst the most excellent musicians in the universe. Are you ready for a musical battle that will resonate through the ages?

God Of Rock opens its world tour on April 18, 2023, unleashing a stacked setlist of energetic tracks that players will need to master to perform devastating combos in musical matches against other fighters.

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