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God Of War: Ragnarök Will Offer Us All Up Some New Immersion For The Game

God Of War: Ragnarök Will Offer Us All Up Some New Immersion For The Game

God Of War: Ragnarök

The PS5 version of God Of War: Ragnarök will have a few more options to get us further into the God Of War setting

For those that have a PS5, it should come as no surprise that this is going to be the system that will show off God Of War: Ragnarök in the best way. I am sure that the PS4 version will still be excellent, but Santa Monica Studio is given much more to work with on the new system and you can see that up to now already. Both in the trailers and gameplay we have had for Ragnarök and the full update they put out there for God Of War in the past. Now, though, we can see a bit more out there to see how this version will take us even deeper into the game when it drops on November 9th.

It is not much for gameplay when it comes to God Of War: Ragnarök, but we have a listing of a few more extras that the PS5 will have over the PS4 version here. We are going to get to experience the whole game in the 4K settings if you have a screen that can do that. Then there is some extra 3D audio for those that have the sound system or headphones that can offer all of that. Lastly, there is going to be something extra going on with the DualSense controllers for God Of War: Ragnarök too. I am hoping it is more than just a bit of rumble and triggers giving some feedback. Knowing the pedigree of the studio, I have a feeling we are going to be in for some massive surprises to draw us all deeper into the story of the game here.

God Of War: Ragnarök — Next Gen Immersion

Experience next-gen immersion on PS5 and journey through the nine realms in stunning 4K. Feel your journey in the palms of your hands via the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense wireless controller and pinpoint every sound with 3D Audio.

Will you be able to experience all of these immersion options for God Of War: Ragnarök or will you have to miss out on some of them? Do you suspect that the triggers will be more for the aiming and throwing or will we see something deeper come about with all of this? Will there be a greater use for the 3D audio as other games have used or will it just be something to place us deeper into the world built out there? Sound off in the comments and then give us all of the discussion you wish to give. When more for God Of War: Ragnarök is out there, it will be here on the site. Just keep checking back in to see and hear all of it as we get closer to the game’s full launch out there.

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