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Gotham Knights Will Have Some Extra Features When Playing On The PC

Gotham Knights Will Have Some Extra Features When Playing On The PC

Gotham Knights

A PC trailer for Gotham Knights is here to show off the few new features that Gotham Knights will have when playing on this platform

As things keep progressing toward the October 21st release date for Gotham Knights we can keep expecting a little more to show off why we need to get excited for it. That and help us all figure out which platform we will be looking to get the game on. Sure, WB Games Montréal made the choice to go with all of the current systems to make sure we get to see the best version ever. However, no matter how far the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S have pushed things, the PC looks like it is going to be the way to go with for Gotham Knights. As long as you want to have some of the higher visuals to have if you have a screen that can offer it all up.

Just as we have seen for various other titles as Gotham Knights will have, we will see many of the basics. There will be some extra Ray-tracing, ultra-wide screen options, and the same options that a high-end PC will be able to allow for. It is an interesting choice to go with here for all of this since some of the latest consoles have the options to do some of these, but it is most likely easier to just offer here and then update Gotham Knights later. Thankfully, we do not have much longer to wait until we have it all in our hands to take to the streets of Gotham once more and see which of the heroes will be taking up the fight in the end.

Gotham Knights — PC Trailer

Gotham City is yours to explore and protect. See the city in all its glory on PC as you traverse from the streets to the rooftops stopping criminal factions and solving Gotham’s best-kept secrets. The Knight is yours and Gotham’s safety is in your hands.

Does all of this sell you on picking up Gotham Knights on the PC or was that the plan from the start anyway? Do you think that we will be able to see any of these hop over to the consoles down the line or will it be PC only? Would you even care to see any of these in the game or will they all be in the background and missed by many players anyway? Tell us what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it if you so wish. There is still more for Gotham Knights to drop on us out there, so please keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more. We have a lot more planned already.

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