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Gun Jam Will Be Jamming Out There In Just A Few Weeks Now

Gun Jam Will Be Jamming Out There In Just A Few Weeks Now

Gun Jam

A release date for Gun Jam on the PC is set down with Gun Jam hitting us all before the end of this month

Get your headphones ready and guns up and going with the release date for the PC version of Gun Jam. Not the VR version, but an FPS version of the game from Jaw Drop Games that will have us shooting and killing everything to the beat of the music. Yes, this is another rhythm shooter title out there that feels like all of the rage as of late. Now we just get it for Gun Jam on April 19th to hit the stores. As long as this genre of game is something that you have been looking more and more into. It can be a bit of a rough switch to keep an eye on the FPS side of things while also trying to keep on the beat of it all. I know I have had some issues doing all of that up to now myself. Let us see how this one will go down now.

You can get a little taste of what Gun Jam will be giving us below in the latest trailer for the game. It looks like the many others we have seen, but with a different twist of not sticking to only one kind of music in the mix. It is still going to be fast-paced, a little chaotic, and hard to stay on the beat from the looks of it all, but we will have music from EDM to Heavy Metal to Trap to many others to listen to while we do all of this. That feels like it could be a blessing in disguise for Gun Jam or something that will keep throwing players off quite a bit to keep up with it all. Have a look and see if this will be the next rhythm shooter you are going to toss into your library here. Now if only we could get one that allowed for our own custom playlists instead…

Gun Jam — PC Release Date

Jaw Drop Games and Raw Fury have revealed that Gun Jam, the fast-paced, rhythm-action FPS where you’ve gotta shoot, dash, and kick to the beat to win, will launch on April 19, 2023, on PC via Steam. Master the game’s signature beat-matching mechanics in action-packed firefights synced to a hypnotic original soundtrack featuring EDM, heavy metal, and trap music… or import your favorite tracks to create your own custom gameplay experience!

Gun Jam delivers energetic, over-the-top rhythm action inspired by classic retro shooters and arcade games. Get into the groove of the music with an array of powerful weapons against hordes of challenging enemies and bosses to rack up the highest score possible. Play as a variety of characters, each with their own unique attributes and Overdrive ability, on four vibrant maps that sync to the music!

Key Features:

  • Master Gun Jam’s unique beat-pattern mechanic – shoot, dash, kick, and rocket jump to the beat against waves of foes to claim the high score.
  • Survive firefights synced to an original, multi-genre soundtrack of EDM, heavy metal, and trap – or import your favorite music to create your own gameplay thrill ride!
  • Play as different characters, each with their own unique attributes and Overdrive ability.
  • Dish out heavy damage with powerful weapons like the Railgun, Double-Barrel Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, and Plasma Rifle.
  • Take on hordes of challenging enemies and bosses featuring distinct attacks and behaviors.
  • Experience four diverse maps that sync to the music with lively art design.

Are you liking the recent wave of games like Gun Jam or will they be running their course here soon? Will it be a little difficult to shift between all of the different genres of music or will each level be fully designed to keep us on task? Would it be easier to see some kind of indication on when to hit the beat in this one or will that just be something many of us will never get to master out there? Take it all into the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. We will share more for Gun Jam if we get it, so please keep checking in for all of those updates and everything else that we can offer up along the way for this game and all things gaming in general.

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