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Have 21 New Facts About The Upcoming Book Of Demons

Have 21 New Facts About The Upcoming Book Of Demons

Book Of Demons

A release date for Book Of Demons is now listed as the game leaves Early Access and plans for Book Of Demons to hit many platforms continues

It looks like Book Of Demons will be coming out of Early Access here soon and everyone can get in on it this December 13th. That is if you have not already been helping Thing Trunk with the game by playing in the EA already and seen what this hack-n-slash title will be bringing to the PC. At least on that date as it does look like Book Of Demons will be heading over to the Xbox One at some point in the future. In addition, “other platforms” after that if you want to read more into where you will be able to play this little game. My guess is on every platform at some point. We will have to wait and see.

To go along with that announcement, for those who are not familiar with Book Of Demons, we have a new trailer to show us twenty-one facts about the game to get us in on it. Overall, it looks like if you were a fan of the original Diablo and looking for a stylized 2D hack-n-slash then you will be all about this game. Especially since most of these facts for Book Of Demons, including the extras in the text, point back to that title as the bigger inspiration for it all. Therefore, I guess we can just call this a different version of that game and see if it sticks. We will know here soon though…

Book Of Demons — 21 Facts

25 bonus facts

  1. Casual Mode — Casual mode offers a more relaxing kind of gameplay. You can switch between casual and normal mode at any time.
  2. Deadly Level-ups — All monsters lose one heart when you level up.
  3. Skills — Some monsters cast skills and during casting they are immune to damage. You can break the skills using click-and-hold or with certain cards.
  4. Shields — Some monsters reveal shields when attacked. You must remove the shield before the monster can receive any damage.
  5. Linked monsters — When monsters are linked the master is immune before his minions are slain.
  6. The Clean Sweep — Collecting all the drops and loot in a level is not required to progress, but it is surprisingly difficult to give up on with the Clean Sweep Badge.
  7. Tilesets — Your dungeon descent will take you through the Maze, The Catacombs and the Fiery Pits of Hell.
  8. Achievements & Leaderboards — For your competitive itch, Book Of Demons features multiple leaderboards and hundreds of achievements.
  9. Controller support — Multiple control schemes are supported — mouse, keyboard, and controller — and you can seamlessly switch between them.
  10. Razer Chroma and Logitech — When paired with Razer Chroma or Logitech Lightsync hardware, Book Of Demons can produce some pretty light effects.
  11. Languages — Apart from English, the game is available in multiple languages including French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, and many more. Most of the translations have been provided by the game’s active community.
  12. Very positive reviews — The game holds a 94% Very Positive user rating on Steam.
  13. Awards — Book Of Demons won multiple awards, including Best Game Art on Casual Connect in Tel Aviv and 2017 Top 10 Indie of the Year by Indiedb.
  14. Freeplay mode — After you complete the main campaign, you can continue to progress your character on higher difficulty levels in the freeplay mode.
  15. The Town — The Town is your adventure hub. You can always return here to heal, gossip or purchase services such as card upgrades and artifact identification.
  16. Easter eggs — The team hid quite a few easter eggs inside the game, like… sorry, no spoilers 😉
  17. Endorsed by David Brevik — “Thing Trunk — game looks great! Keep on working. It’s going to be awesome” this is what the designer of Diablo had to say after he played an early version of Book Of Demons.
  18. Cursed chests — Cursed chests hold epic rewards, but they are heavily guarded.
  19. Deathrage — Deathrage is triggered when you are about to die. It recharges when you level up.
  20. Death — When you die in normal mode, your hand of cards and your gold are temporarily lost. You need to get to your tombstone to get them back.
  21. Angry monsters — Take a break when attacking an angry monster, or you might get an unpleasant surprise.
  22. Quest mastering — The main quests can be mastered on higher difficulty levels. You’ll need golden keys to unlock subsequent attempts.
  23. Cauldron — Build up the contents of your cauldron and redeem the brew periodically at Barmaid’s. Gamble to build the biggest set of prizes you can.
  24. Cursed sarcophagi — When you find a cursed sarcophagus you can test your luck. Get an epic prize or get to fight for your life.
  25. Imposed cards — Higher difficulty levels impose usage of random cards. Build your hand around their strengths and weaknesses, as you can’t unequip them for the duration of a single dungeon.
  26. Cursed cards — Some bosses can curse and disable your cards. Slay the boss to regain control.

What are your thoughts on Book Of Demons based on all of this? Were you playing in the Early Access of the game and looking forward to a full release or do you think it needs more work? Are you curious on the list of “facts” we have been given or is this another marketing thing to just get us talking about Book Of Demons? Let us all know down below. We will keep an eye out for more on the game here and if there is something, we will have it up on the site. Just stick close by so you can see it all.

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