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Have A Look At How Things Are Changing In Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

Have A Look At How Things Are Changing In Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

A new look at the Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is here to show off how things have been brought forward from the original Blade Runner game

Not much has been given to us for the upcoming Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition outside of its announcement as of late. Well, as of late being earlier in the year that it was coming and heading to the major platforms at the time. It was a huge cult game that has carried over just as the rest of the IP has. Now, though, the wait is over just a bit as it looks like Nightdive Studios is ready to give us all a taste of how they are taking Blade Runner and enhancing it for us to replay again. Something that can be a huge undertaking given the time that has passed by since it first launched up until now.

Enter in a new look at the cinematics for Blade Runner in this edition and how they have been enhanced. Well, kind of. They still look like they did back when the game first released, just made to look smoother on the higher resolution systems and screens out there. Almost as if it has all just been upscaled and smoothed more than anything. Sure, this may not be how the game itself will look and play, but it looks like what we get with all of those enhanced or definitive editions out there that just want us to buy for nostalgia. It is better than just replaying the old visuals from the original Blade Runner as they could have done, but I have a feeling if the base game is not handled with more care, there will be a lot of people skipping out on this one.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition — Cinematic Update

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is currently in development.

How are you feeling about the visuals we have here for the Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition? Do you think this will be how it is for the cinematics only or will it be the case for the core game too? Would you have rather had them take the time to do a full remake instead of just upscaling and smoothing edges here? Let us all have it down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more for the Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, we will have it all here. Just keep checking in for all of that and much more as we head on into the future.

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