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Have A Taste Of Beyond Good & Evil 2’s In-Engine Tech Demo

Have A Taste Of Beyond Good & Evil 2’s In-Engine Tech Demo

Beyond Good & Evil 2

At E3, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was officially announced and now we can see Beyond Good & Evil 2 running in-engine as well as some of the scale of the game’s universe

There has been one title on a lot of gamer’s tongues and minds for quite some time now and with the rumors all over the place it was not that big of a shock that Ubisoft brought out the big guns at E3 and gave the world confirmation that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is going to be a thing. A big thing at that as they gave it a nice, long CG announcement trailer to build all of the hype. Hype that was built so much that I ran into quite a few people on the floor hoping to see some actual gameplay footage for Beyond Good & Evil 2 in some form or another. Of course, the masses were mostly let down on it all as the trailer was all that was shown on the outside of the booth.

On the outside being the key words here as it seems that the game has progressed a bit further than just an announcement trailer and there is a working version of Beyond Good & Evil 2 in tech demo form. Or at least the world and core mechanics for the world have been set down as that is what they wanted to make sure was working before the full announcement came. So, yes, there is some form of gameplay for Beyond Good & Evil 2 and if you missed out on it last week as you were not important enough to get to see it during E3, then fret not as we have almost 15 minutes of it all to look at here today. Get ready to watch a lot of tech demo stuff now.

That may seem like a bit of a put-off for Beyond Good & Evil 2 as this does show off the scale of the game that Ubisoft is going for as well as how some of the old mechanics are coming back and then a whole lot of super-upgraded stuff to make it all a living and breathing universe for us to explore. If you ask me, this looks like what No Man’s Sky was aiming for but missed the mark with the amazing characters, story, and universe that is fun to explore. I say that as we see the whole go from surface, to low orbit, to space exploration all in one swift movement. You can see all of it just below and then tell everyone you saw Beyond Good & Evil 2 gameplay now.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 — E3 2017 First In-Engine Demo

Creative Director Michel Ancel shows a behind the scenes look at the first in-engine demo shown at E3 2017.

Just in case you missed it, and you really shouldn’t have, I’ve also included the announcement trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 here as well. The above video doesn’t do much more than show some of the more basic stuff for the game and the CG trailer really shows more of the heart for it. Or at least the heart in terms of how the characters will be and just how the story could play out in the final game. Have a look and then think about how all of this craziness will be mixed into the above gameplay for Beyond Good & Evil 2 that you hopefully just watched. It would be a bit pointless for you to get to this portion of things without seeing the true story above.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 — E3 2017 Official Announcement Trailer

Embark on this epic space adventure with us and journey to System 3, for the prequel to one of Ubisoft’s most beloved games, Beyond Good & Evil 2!

How excited are you for Beyond Good & Evil 2 to finally have the full announcement that it is coming? Were you shocked by this at all and did you have a chance to see the gameplay during E3? Do you feel overly special now that you’ve been let into the cool kids club to see some of that gameplay that was held off for some time now? Let us know down in the comments and, as always, feel free to discuss. For more on Beyond Good & Evil 2 now that we know it is coming, be sure to keep checking into the site here. We’ll have everything that we can for this game moving forward and you won’t want to miss out on a thing.

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