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Have One More Look Before You Get Fully Into Hellpoint

Have One More Look Before You Get Fully Into Hellpoint


Hellpoint is out there now and we have one more push to get you all in for Hellpoint and what darkness it will hold

Another fun looking and smaller title is finally here with Hellpoint. It is now out there for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC for us to take a deeper dive into the sci-fi realm that Cradle Games has built. All of the Switch players will still need to wait a bit, but that is neither here nor there for everyone else. They all get to jump into Hellpoint to take on these dreadful creatures that are roaming in areas they should not be. All with the local and online co-op we have heard has been there for Hellpoint before now. It could have been lost in the mix of the other titles that tinyBuild has announced as of late, but this is why we are here. To keep you reminded and looking forward to these smaller games that could go by missed.

If you need to see something more to keep you up on Hellpoint, we have a new trailer to see as we always do when it comes to launch times. Weirdly, this one seems to be more on the story side of things and less on the actual gameplay but it is a nice reminder. Hellpoint has been one of the titles we have tried to keep bringing to you and get you excited for so we might see more sci-fi horror titles out there. It is a genre near and dear to the heart over here and this one could be another to add to the list. You can see what we are talking about just a bit lower down with the official launch trailer that is here. If it looks like it could be your jam, head out and pick it up or wait for the Switch version in the future.

Hellpoint — Launch Trailer

Hellpoint is an intense action RPG taking place on Irid Novo, a derelict space station soaked in an intoxicating dark sci-fi atmosphere. Fight dreadful creatures, face the Cosmic Gods, and unravel their twisted story. Should the challenge be too great, play with a friend in local or online coop.

Have you been fully up on Hellpoint before now or did you need this reminder to get you to go out and pick the game up? How do you feel about the genre here and would you like to see many more titles in the mix of it all? Is it odd to see less gameplay and more story here or is it how you prefer your announcements here? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. There might be more to come for Hellpoint and if there is, we will have it all here for you. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more. We will keep it all flowing to you.

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