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Head Across Space & Time With Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time

Head Across Space & Time With Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time

A new trailer for Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time gives us more gameplay than ever and shows off even more of what this Doctor Who game is going to truly hold

We have come to a close on September and it does not look like the original projections for Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time have hit the mark, but that is okay for now. I would rather Maze Theory give us an amazing game and experience later than one that is terrible now. Nonetheless, that does not mean we have not closed out the month with anything new for this Doctor Who title. While it may not be the announcement of when we will get to play it in the various PC VR format or the PSVR, it is a nice new look at a lot of the actual gameplay that will be held within. A little bit of everything we have seen to date on top of all of that.

In this new gameplay trailer, we get more of the various and iconic locations form the Doctor Who universe and a few of the familiar enemies the doctor has faced over the years. All things we will need to face off within the final build of the game too. We also get a better look at how some of the puzzles and mechanics will work out in Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time. Something that looks to be much more detailed and fleshed out than anything we had a chance to see during SDCC this year. All of which has me pining and wondering when we will actually get to experience it all firsthand. Only time will tell at this point…

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time — Across Time And Space Gameplay

This Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time Gameplay Trailer showcases expansive gameplay mechanics and many of the environments and action players can enjoy. Visit breathtaking worlds and come face-to-face with classic Doctor Who monsters in the feature-length VR video game.

What are you thinking about Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time based on all of this and does it look like it has been shaping up well? Do you see how well the puzzles and everything has progressed or will the true telling point be when we actually get to dive in with the VR helmet on? Are you still curious about when the game will hit the shelves or will we have a surprise before the sun sets today? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time, be sure to keep checking back in here for all of that and much more. We will keep it all flowing out as best we can.

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