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Head Into Cyberspace With The Are Of Gore For System Shock

Head Into Cyberspace With The Are Of Gore For System Shock

System Shock

Two new looks at the upcoming System Shock remake have joined the list to show off a few more aspects of System Shock getting revamped

We are finally back with more for System Shock’s Remake here to take in and this time we are heading into Cyberspace. Technically we are already there based on how we are reading this, but this will be the new version of it all that Nightdive Studios is dropping into the game for us to fly around in. That is how it feels here with the new gameplay where we will be shooting down all of those bugs and viruses in the space to do what we have to do. Something that also feels like it is more in line with the look of the original System Shock than the rest of this remake, and I know I will take it and love it for now.

It is nice to see how this will all look in this new version of System Shock, but if you watch the following video about the Cyberspace in the game, you will see some of the lead up to it and all of the gore we will get to experience when not in this digital world in the video game. That is, we have a new look at how the team is gearing up to bring us more for the dismemberment mechanics in System Shock here and how it will link into the gore aspect that so many gamers are into. It looks as if we will get to clip off many different limbs and parts before the body just explodes in a rain of blood. It is a little weird we do not get to see the lasting effects on everything for long, but this is all early footage and maybe it will change with time.

System Shock — Cyberspace

Take a first look at CYBERSPACE!

System Shock — The Art Of Gore

Take an inside look into how the artists at Nightdive Studios are creating the visceral dismemberment and damage effects for System Shock!

Are you glad to see that the Cyberspace parts will be back in this remake for System Shock or was it the easiest to expect in the retro-looking parts of the game here? Do you like that we will have so much more gore in the game or is that something that usually splashes right by you? Do you still feel like the AI could use some fixing based on what we see again or is it still too early to gripe on all of that? Let us have it all down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we have more for System Shock’s Remake, it will be up on the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and more.

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