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Head Out Into The Open Beta Out There For Dominance

Head Out Into The Open Beta Out There For Dominance


The open beta for Dominance is out and ready for you with one more look at Dominance before you give it a try

Add one more multiplayer shooter to the list to enjoy now, as long as you are looking for a Beta version of it all, as Dominance is now available in that way on the PC. This is the latest title out there from INPLERON that is not just another shooter, but a top-down shooter that will try to mix things up with some variety. As long as things pan out as we have seen in the trailers up to now for Dominance and if the Open Beta kicks off just as expected. Those are a lot of ifs, sure, but something almost all games have to go through during the growth and development phases. We just happen to be a part of it this time, as long as you are willing to offer up your time on it all. That can be the true cost of it all in an age when that can be fleeting.

In this Bullet Hell Royale title, we will not only have to survive each round in the game, but also make sure we are leveling up and adjusting our heroes in Dominance. All to make the next ones a little easier or to keep up with the skills of the various other players we might be teaming up against. Of course, this is never going to be an easy thing since player skill is always a factor in multiplayer titles, but it is nice to see some of that will be testing in the Beta that is kicking off. It is hard to say if this is near the end or early stages of balancing out there, but we will just have to load up Dominance to see for ourselves. Time permitting in the mix of everything else out there.

Dominance — Open Beta Launch

Dominance is a crazy multiplayer shooter with a top-down view and with a heavy emphasis on build variety. The main philosophy of the game: the fewer restrictions for the player, the better!

Defeat your opponents with a huge arsenal of ranged and melee weapons — from sniper rifles with ricocheting projectiles to hockey sticks!

Combine equipment and weapons freely, create your perfect match — and test it in battle on a giant map, using the landscape to gain an advantage over the enemy!


  • Bullet Hell Royale is a new word in the genre of multiplayer top-down shooters. Bring death from a new angle in this dynamic top-down shooter! Eliminate enemies with precise strikes, and anticipate their movements to gain an advantage. Use active abilities unique to each weapon and character to dominate the battlefield!
  • Unlimited variability of builds. Upgrade your characters and their equipment in battle! Explore combinations of abilities, artifacts, weapons, and armor to find a set that is perfect for your play style.
  • Living and breathing map — the battlefield changes as the game progresses. The world of Dominance also influences the battle — always pay attention to what surrounds you! Each area has its own unique bonuses and dangers. Use the landscape to gain an advantage over the enemy — ambush from the bushes, move along the roads to run faster, and explore other unique properties of the map!
  • Heroes: Choose a Hero to your liking — each of them has its own unique set of active and passive abilities and leveling trees. Defeat other players to become stronger — and also win matches to gain access to information about the world of Dominance and new items for hero customization.

Have you had an eye on Dominance before now and will you be joining in on the Open Beta here? Will this add a whole new title in the industry and eSports or just be something to kill the time between other launches out there? Will it be more on the player skill in the end or could we see that using the in-game tools will lead to something more too? Go ahead and let the world know what you are thinking about all of this and then discuss it in the comment section below. If we have more for Dominance, and the time to offer it up, we will do so on the site for you. Please keep checking in for all of that and everything else that we can muster up for everyone that cares out there.

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