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Head To The Casino & Amusement Park In Resident Evil Resistance

Head To The Casino & Amusement Park In Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil Resistance

New gameplay for Resident Evil Resistance is here to show off the latest levels announced with a bit of gameplay from a massive Resident Evil mastermind

We had word on the most recent levels and masterminds to join the ranks of Resident Evil Resistance not too long ago with the Casino and Amusement Park settings added in. Something I never really remember going through in the past titles, but I guess Capcom is making Raccoon City just a bit bigger here. Back on topic, what we have here now is a look at a bit more of the gameplay in Resident Evil Resistance in those levels. That and a look at how some of the Mastermind gameplay will flow in the mix with the player actually getting to control Birkin as they try to end the lives of the subjects or survivors. Depending on how you want to address them.

If you have not already jumped ahead to see Resident Evil Resistance in motion, what we get is about a half and half version of the gameplay split over the maps. The team of four survivors running around trying to escape the Casino setting and functioning like an un-maintained machine. It looks like there is some sort of hacking going on to add time to the timer only for them to still fail it all. For the Mastermind side, which looks infinitely more fun, we get a good look at how the traps and other Resident Evil items/monsters get dropped in to torment the subjects. All of which is popping off as the Mastermind takes Birkin for a romp through the Park and keeps with the same lumbering movements that we remember from the last remake we had. Seriously, this looks like it will be the best part of it all here.

Of course, it is all still a work in progress with the final version of Resident Evil Resistance only needing to be out there in just over a month. I am sure that there will be some growing pains with it, just as with all online multiplayers, but it still looks fairly solid when placed against all of the others from the Resident Evils of the past. I just really hope there is an option to choose to be the Mastermind every time and not a random thing we have seen in other games in the same vein.

Resident Evil Resistance — Casino & Amusement Park Gameplay

Check out some gameplay from two news maps featured in Resident Evil Resistance, Casino and Amusement Park. There’s also some new mastermind gameplay that features a deployable and playable Birkin!

Are you ready to dive into the fun of Resident Evil Resistance or does it look like it still needs work to you? Do you think that the Mastermind gameplay looked to be more fun or would you prefer to always be the Survivor? Are you curious to the reason the overtime just ended when the player was feet from the exit or will that make more sense in the final build of it all? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it at length. As we learn more for Resident Evil Resistance, or the core version of the remake, we will add it all to the site. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and more.

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