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Hello Puppets: Midnight Show Has A Final Release Date For Us

Hello Puppets: Midnight Show Has A Final Release Date For Us

Hello Puppets: Midnight Show

The official release date for Hello Puppets: Midnight Show is finally set and it will give us Hello Puppets sooner than expected

A month ago, Hello Puppets: Midnight Show teased us all with a release window for when we could get this PC VR title running for us. It was Fall before and that allowed Otherworld Interactive to try to pad some kind of time just in case they needed it to bring it out. Thankfully, it does not look like they are going to need to take all of the time offered with Hello Puppets: Midnight Show landing on October 19th. Yes, it is another title to add in for all the frights during the month now. Even if it is a little odd to hold out to do this if you are able to drop it out there in just a month of teasing.

This announcement, sadly, does not come with much more than a bit of a change to the date listing for Hello Puppets: Midnight Show. A little odd as we should have had one more video to try to draw us all in a bit more to give us a reason to pick up the game in the next two weeks. I am not going to complain that must, as it will keep the story and horrors hidden in Hello Puppets: Midnight Show a bit more obfuscated for us all as we wait. That means fewer spoilers and more of the jump scares for us all to have when we load it up in our headsets soon. For those that need something to see, though, have a look at the different puppets we are going to be terrorized by just a bit lower.

Hello Puppets: Midnight Show — Puppet Showcase

Independent developer Otherworld Interactive have today announced that their stealth horror adventure game Hello Puppets: Midnight Show will launch on October 19th for PC on Steam. This dramatic prequel reveals the origins behind the infamous terrors in the first game of the series, Hello Puppets! VR through jump scares, intense encounters, and a thrilling, mystery-filled narrative.

In Hello Puppets: Midnight Show, discover the story behind the infamous puppets who stalked terrified gamers in Hello Puppets! VR, through this perplexing prequel adventure. The year is 1987. You play as Owen Gubberson, creator of a rapidly-failing Muppets knock-off called “Mortimer’s Handeemen”. In a last-ditch effort to save his dying show, Owen uses a mysterious spell to bring his puppets to life. But his Handeemen aren’t how he imagined them: they’re sadistic, evil versions of themselves, and they’re loose in the soundstage. Now Owen has one night to outrun his puppets and reverse the spell that brought them to life before they slaughter him and escape!


  • Dynamic Hide and Seek against an advanced AI that haunts you and forces you to study behaviors and adapt your playstyle accordingly
  • Three distinct AI “Boss” enemies with unique behaviors, personalities, and narratives. You’ll grow to fear and love their weird personalities at the same time
  • Large, complex levels full of tools to use against the puppets, hiding spots to get away, and pieces of a larger narrative for the player to put together
  • Unique “Hiding” mechanic that forces you to stay on your toes even when you’re hidden, with a plethora of high-stakes minigames and challenges
  • Dense mysterious narrative with layers of enigma and shocking twists that only the most diehard players will discover

Is this about when you were expecting to see Hello Puppets: Midnight Show land out there for us or did you think it was going to be near the end of Fall instead? Will this be a title you add into the mix of all of the other horror games we will see during the month or will it be something to add in just to break things up along the way? Will there be more to come for the game along the way now that it is going to have its full release now or will this be a one-and-done title? Tell the world all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. If there is anything further to share for Hello Puppets: Midnight Show, know that we will have it all here for you.

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