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Help The Light Prevail With All Of These Kingdom Hearts III Mechanics

Help The Light Prevail With All Of These Kingdom Hearts III Mechanics

Kingdom Hearts III

Just ahead of launch, we have a new Kingdom Hearts III gameplay break down that also brings along some new features to the Kingdom Hearts franchise

The wait is almost over and we are going to be playing Kingdom Hearts III here next week. Not just here but everywhere out there on January 29th for those who have a PS4 or Xbox One to do so on. It is just the weird vernacular there that makes it sound like Square Enix is only having us play the game fans have been waiting over a decade for. I am getting off topic though as we have more to keep us going for Kingdom Hearts III before the launch next week. We also have a few answers to a few of the burning questions we have yet to have fully answered but teased in many of the videos from the past.

Now is the time that we have a full gameplay breakdown for Kingdom Hearts III and learn just what has changed or is coming back for the game. Obviously, the Keyblades are coming back and there will be one that falls in theme with the different worlds Sora and crew go to. The change here being that we can swap between them during combat and transform them to do other huge and amazing things in a fight. The finer details on that being held back until the actual launch of the game, but it is all something new to the Kingdom Hearts franchise and looks to be like a great new feature to partake in.

It also looks like summons will be handled a bit differently in Kingdom Hearts III here too. Each world will have a character or characters that the team can hook up with for some powerful attacks, but there will also be other “souls” that we can link to and then use in the game. This looks to be how Square Enix is going with summons here as the video shows. I am talking things like Ariel coming in and doing some crazy splash attack or Simba fire-flipping in to do something as well. This is all assumption based on the video here and the little description we do have but it looks like we will have some options when it comes to this in Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts III — Gameplay Overview

With today’s release of the gameplay overview video, Kingdom Hearts and Disney fans can find out everything they need to know to master the powerful Keyblades and help the light prevail against the darkness ahead of the launch of Kingdom Hearts III on January 29, 2019.

As the Heartless invade the universe, players must prepare Sora and his friends to protect the Disney and Pixar worlds against darkness and unlock the mysterious power of the Keyblades, which only the strong of heart can wield. For the first time in the Kingdom Hearts series, the Keyblades have the ability to transform into different forms with powerful new abilities and dazzling attacks inspired by the characters and elements of each world.

Players can also learn how to use elemental magic for offensive and defensive purposes, such as creating ice slides and wind vortexes to navigate through the chaos in battle. Taking the form of classic Disney rides, players can utilize the power of the Attractions, or team up with Donald, Goofy and other legendary characters from Disney and Pixar worlds to turn the tides against the darkness.

The new footage also gives fans a glimpse of the Gummi Ship and how to augment its speed, shield, firepower, and design as they journey between worlds, as well as the various other activities they will encounter along the way, including a trip down memory lane with classic Kingdom minigames inspired by 1980’s-era LCD games and iconic Disney animated shorts.

Is the wait for Kingdom Hearts III still killing you or will you be able to make it to next week when it launches? Are you glad to see that you will have many more options and abilities for the Keyblades in the game or will the deviation feel off from the standard? Do you see the same thing I do when it comes to the Summons in the game or am I off on all of that? Let me and everyone else out there know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Kingdom Hearts III as it comes, be sure to stick close to the site here. We will keep pumping out all of that as we get it up to and past the launch.

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