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Here We Go Spoiling Part Of Act Two For Gears Of War 5

Here We Go Spoiling Part Of Act Two For Gears Of War 5

Gears Of War 5

New gameplay for Gears Of War 5 is here to give us a solid taste and spoiler-filled look at the second act of Gears Of War 5

Gears Of War 5 is hitting us all this week on September 6th but if you cannot hold off to see more for the game until then, we have a treat for you. That is if you want to spoil the second act of the game before giving The Coalition‘s title a full chance. We all know that those hardcore Gears Of War fans are going to do it no matter what, but here we go for those that want to see just a bit more before launching it on your Xbox One or PC. You know, because reasons that you do not want to experience it blindly the first time.

If you are still here, what you will see here for Gears Of War 5 in terms of the gameplay and story we get to see Kait try to get another relative to join the cause and fight back. It goes about as well as you would expect given the location in the story and how things normally roll for these games. Then we get a nice run and gun portion with a little exposition and a nice little twist at the end. You can spoil you Gears Of War 5 experience here, if you want, but we will not do it for you. Just offering it all up for you to do what you want.

Gears Of War 5 — Act 2 Exclusive Footage

Kait attempts to enlist the help of someone close to her before they get caught up in battle in never-before-seen footage from Act 2 of Gears Of War 5. Contains story spoilers.

Did you spoil your Gears Of War 5 experience a bit here or did you hold off after learning it was filled with them? Did you expect there to be any kind of deviation in the story structure here or should we always expect things to go par the course here? Did you expect that fun little twist near the end of it all or was it shocking to you to see? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we have more for Gears Of War 5, we will update you here. All you need to do is keep checking back here for all of that and more.

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