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Here We Go With More “Visions” For No Man’s Sky

Here We Go With More “Visions” For No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky

The next update for No Man’s Sky to take in and further expand No Man’s Sky into the game that was originally promised

If you have been sticking with No Man’s Sky, good on you, then you will want to know that there is a new update to bring it closer to what we were first told it would be. Even after all of those other gamers out there gave Hello Games such a huge issue for delivering what they did, they have stuck with it and have a load of new updates hitting the PS4, Xbox One, and PC today. Interesting to see that happen on Thanksgiving, but it is when it was scheduled so fans of No Man’s Sky can dig in while waiting for their feast to be prepared. For those who kept the same dream as was originally set out though, or for those who are ready to dive back in now that it has been further updated with new features and ways to expand its universe just a bit more.

In this new “Visions” update for No Man’s Sky, we will see more variety in our planets we can come across in the vast void out there. Not that we did not already have a whole lot in the procedural game already, but there you go. There will also be an expansion to the variety of creatures we will come across too, so be sure to keep an eye out for all of that too. It is nice to have more I guess, but the more interesting one has to be the inclusion of archeological dig areas that fill out the world’s lore that you land on here. Something that really should have been in for the launch version of No Man’s Sky, but better late than never. Have a look at the new features in the following trailer and then get ready to download the new update.

No Man’s Sky — Visions

Introducing “Visions,” available to all No Man’s Sky players on Steam for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Thursday, November 22. Following “The Abyss” update released last month, which brought major changes to No Man’s Sky’s vast underwater environments, “Visions” will encourage players to return to the surface and explore new biomes and planets, all in a reimagined color palette.

New Worlds: No Man’s Sky’s “Visions” update greatly improves the variety and diversity of planet surfaces with millions of previously dead planets now bursting with life. Players can find mysterious artifacts on alien planets and collect them as mementos or display as trophies in their planetary base.

Bizarre New Creatures: “Visions” will introduce players to new strange and curious creatures found among the stars, waiting to be discovered for the very first time. Predatory fauna and deadly flora including carnivorous trap plants wait to ensnare unsuspecting travelers and reward the cautious.

Global Community Missions: A new community research mission will allow players to share their progress as they work towards a common goal. Players can discover the “Visions” universe together and unlock the Eye of the Korvax helmet, as well as other emotes and building parts.

More to Discover and More Variety: “Visions” will bring more variety to No Man’s Sky as the universe has become more alien, vibrant and exciting for players to explore. Atmospherics and skies have been improved and rainbows added to the range of in-game weather effects, enabling more unique worlds. Players are invited to unleash their inner archaeologist and explore the galaxy for planets containing the bones of ancient alien lifeforms. Travelers can unearth the remains of fallen satellites to salvage for parts but risk drawing the attention of a new threat and danger — corrupted sentinel drones. Players who can endure and survive the most extreme of weather in No Man’s Sky may also be rewarded with previous crystal treasures that only light up in the worst of storms.

Are you glad to see these new features join in the fun of No Man’s Sky or has been a little too late for you? Did you want to see the worlds further expanded by having lost artifacts to dig up or will that just be something set aside by players? Are you mad at yourself for forcing the hands of the developers instead of waiting to get it all in one package? Go ahead and comment below to let everyone out there know. As more updates for No Man’s Sky pop up, we will have them here. Stick around and see how the game will further expand.

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