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Here’s A Way To Play The Titanfall Beta Without Any Pains On V-Day

Here’s A Way To Play The Titanfall Beta Without Any Pains On V-Day


The Titanfall Beta begins on February 14th. Here’s a trailer to help explain why you need to play it.

The Titanfall beta has been announced and in case you missed it here’s how to sign up. Also if you have missed it, everything kicks off on February 14th for those lucky enough to have landed a slot in it. Although that may mean that you may not be “getting lucky” that night as not all of us are blessed with significant others who also happen to enjoy gaming as much as we do. I am shocked by that too but we have a solution that may work for you.

If you look below you can see the Titanfall beta announcement trailer. It is full of gameplay, a few details, and all the things you need to show to your S/O to help them understand things. After watching it they should know that if they love you they won’t hold you back from playing the Titanfall beta on the Hallmark Holiday coming up this Friday. If it doesn’t, maybe you need to reevaluate things. Your relationship? Your priorities? You know, whatever floats your boat and gets you to play the Titanfall beta over the mushy gushy holiday.

With no more gilding the lily, here you go.

If you are the significant other of the person looking to play the Titanfall beta, this was all their idea and we at Player Hud have nothing to do with them trying to skirt their relationship duties to play a silly game. I mean it is only a killer looking title with giant mechs and shooting. It’s not like the Titanfall beta will be around for a little longer. They should have taken you out for a nice night of romance.

Ok, they shouldn’t be looking now. Hopefully that will help your chances of getting to play the Titanfall beta if you are lucky enough to get in. Don’t let your S/O see this…

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