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Hi-Fi RUSH Blasts Out There To Give All A New Type Of Rhythm Game

Hi-Fi RUSH Blasts Out There To Give All A New Type Of Rhythm Game


A new rhythm title, Hi-Fi RUSH, is announced & launched out there with Hi-Fi RUSH mixing things up a bit

It is always a weird thing when video games are able to get slipped out there with no hype to build up to, but that is just what Tango Gameworks did when they announced and launched Hi-Fi RUSH here. This is the next major title that they have been working on and it is also a major shift in the genre of titles they do. This one is a hyper-stylized, flashy, and upbeat (pun intended) title instead of the dark and dreary one. Hi-Fi RUSH is a new rhythm title that takes us into a cartoony future world filled with all manner of robots and crazy characters. All ready for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC as you are reading all of this right now.

In Hi-Fi RUSH, we take on the role of a new hero with a music player embedded in their chest and somehow powers all of the robotics attached to them. That all builds into the high-action gameplay that will have us beating up everything to the beat of the music too. Much like other titles that have mixed rhythm gameplay with other types of gameplay. Keeping on beat and tempo will give us all manner of bonuses and damage boosts if we can keep the beat flowing. All to keep things seamlessly flowing out there and keep our soundtrack going. With the help of our own floating kitty that will help keep us on the beat in Hi-Fi RUSH. That feels like something that is normally missing in titles like this. Even if it is one more thing to keep the attention away instead of just diving into the action of things instead. That is usually my biggest issue with titles like this.

Hi-Fi RUSH — Gameplay Deep Dive

Hi-Fi RUSH puts you in the beat-up sneakers of Chai, a wannabe rocker wrongfully labeled a “defect” by a sinister tech corporation. Everything in Hi-Fi RUSH automatically syncs to the music, from swinging your trusty guitar to dodging out of the way of an oversized metallic fist.

Players must feel the rhythm to enhance Chai’s actions, pulling off heavy Beat Hits at the end of a combo like a cymbal crash, or syncing up with one of his allies for a devastating tag-team finisher. In Hi-Fi RUSH, every battle is an opportunity to play out your own music video fantasy, seamlessly coordinating all your moves with the soundtrack.

Hi-Fi RUSH is out NOW for Xbox consoles and Windows PC. Download and play for free today on Xbox Game Pass.

Hi-Fi RUSH — Launch Trailer

Get ready to rock with Hi-Fi RUSH, a unique rhythm-action experience where the world moves to the beat, out NOW on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC. Hi-Fi RUSH is also available to all Xbox Game Pass members!

As wannabe rock star Chai, you’ll fight back against a sinister robotics enhancement conglomerate using rhythm-amplified combat where everything – from the motion in the environment to the blows of combat – is synced to the music. Raise your guitar high and feel the beat in this utterly all-new title from Tango Gameworks, the team behind The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Download and play for free today on Xbox Game Pass.

How do you feel about the rapid announcement and release we just had here for Hi-Fi RUSH? Is this too massive of a shift for the studio here or will this be the best move so they are not forced into a specific genre box out there? Will these new features make the rhythm gameplay easier to manage here or will that always be an issue with how fast these games play along with the music? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all with the world. If there is more to share for Hi-Fi RUSH, we will share it here on the site. Given that the game is out there, it is unlikely, but we could see something piped out there as the game flows onward.

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