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Hot Wheels Unleashed Will Be Taking Us All Back To College Campus

Hot Wheels Unleashed Will Be Taking Us All Back To College Campus

Hot Wheels Unleashed

A new set of tracks for Hot Wheels Unleashed offers us a trip back to college with various Hot Wheels tracks to race upon

The races keep gearing up with new tracks for Hot Wheels Unleashed dropping constantly here. We have seen some classic garage races to some skyscraper race and it looks as if Milestone is ready to take us all back to school with some college campus races. Well, more in terms of a library, classroom, and lab that is filled with the traditional Hot Wheels tracks and cars racing all around. Okay, this could be listed as most other places out there as it is kind of generic but it is listed as a college and we will roll with it for now. This is all just early footage before it drops on September 30th, so there could be much more going on in the background then.

When it comes to the tracks here, there is not much of a deviation beyond it looking like some of them may change dynamically along the way. More along the lines of bridges shifting which way we can go. If you pay closer attention, though, you might be able to spot a few Hot Wheels cars from the past that are showing up in the game now. Street Wiener, Total Disposal, Power Rocket, Skull Crusher, Tanknator, Winning Formula, and Exotique are part of the growing list of the 60+ vehicles we will be able to race in Hot Wheels Unleashed. I know that Skull Crusher has me committed now to the game but it will be fun to see what other classics and oddball cars are added in here too. Thankfully, we might now have to wait that much longer with how these all drop on us.

Hot Wheels Unleashed — College Campus Unveil

1 school + infinite tracks + tons of cars = endless fun! Discover the College Campus and build your tracks among the classroom, the lab, and the library.

What are your thoughts on the new tracks we have to see here and do you think they need to stand out a bit more than before? What other Hot Wheels cars are you hoping to see show up in the list or would you rather have the chance to customize them all? Do you think we will have anything different for the tracks besides layout or are they holding back on that for a larger reveal? Let us all know what you are thinking out there and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to do so. We will keep updating you with everything for Hot Wheels Unleashed as it comes. You will not be let down if you keep up and keep that hype train rolling on just a bit more.

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