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Humanity Is About To End With The Launch For The Dead Space Remake

Humanity Is About To End With The Launch For The Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space is almost back for us to enjoy with the pending launch we have here for the Dead Space Remake

All of us out there need to start preparing for the end of humanity with the impending launch for the Dead Space Remake. There are only a few more weeks until that is out there and we can see if Motive Studios was able to bring the original horror fully back to life and give us something new to freak out over. I have all the faith that it will be a great new look at the Dead Space IP. More so, with the latest trailer we have to remind us all that the game is coming on January 27th for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. One of which will also bring along one of the other titles from the past if you have been aiming to play this remake on the PC. Now we can all hope that this will be huge and maybe even lead to more for the IP.

This new trailer we have for the Dead Space Remake does not offer up too much to spoil things for those that have not played the original title as of yet. It also does look like there will be even more to shock those gamers that have played and loved the IP up to now. I know I fall into the latter category currently. I guess it is good that they also mixed in a few shots that will not be in the final game to add to the mystery. I believe these are some of the fly-by shots that can only be made with the game development tools as the rest look like they are pulled from scenes and actual gameplay. We will not have to wait long, though, and we can start getting further prepared now for the Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake — Humanity Ends Here

Prepare to unravel a thrilling mystery in the darkest depths of space.

When Isaac Clarke and the USG Kellion were dispatched to repair the USG Ishimura mining vessel, they had no idea how quickly a routine mission could turn into a complete nightmare. What did the Ishimura crew discover in the darkness? What happened to them? And what does this mean for the future of mankind itself?

Find out when the Dead Space Remake launches on January 27, 2023.

Do you find it odd that they would include shots not from the final build of the Dead Space Remake here or do you think they are some of the shots to show off the areas and not something that would work in the game? Will this have all of the extra shocks that we have been promised or will it still be mostly the same just played out a little differently? Does the inclusion of the other title for the Steam version of the game imply we might see another remake in the future or is it just a nice extra for those gamers? Tell everyone what you are thinking about all of this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. There will be more on the site for the Dead Space Remake, so please keep checking in for all of that and everything else we might have.

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