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It Is Time For Some Hardcore Magic Parkour For Forspoken

It Is Time For Some Hardcore Magic Parkour For Forspoken


Dive deeper into the parkour system coming in Forspoken that will have us blending magic and free-running in the world

When we get whisked away to a far-off land out there and granted magical powers, the first thing we try to do is beef up our Parkour skills in the mix. Maybe that is just our protagonist we have here for Forspoken and the way we glide on into the latest update that we have for the game as Luminous Productions puts on the final touches before January 24th of 2023. That is when Forspoken is still slated to hit the PS5 and PC, so we best get to know how we are going to be putting all of these new-found powers to use in the game. This time with a little bit of magical parkour.

Even though it is all fun to say here for Forspoken that we will be getting magical parkour skills, the following video breakdown shows that it is going to be closer to explaining in-game why Frey can do what she does in the game. All of the movements look to be about on par with all of the other great titles out there that use a system where we can run, dash, double jump, grapple pull, and the various others we can see here. These are all just from the magic in Forspoken and not because Frey is skilled in the ways before, from the looks. This is not to say it is a bad thing for the game, they are using tried and true mechanics to bring us the best game, but worth noting before you think you are going to see something truly new here. It just has the in-world flair added to it, which looks spectacular, but still the same locomotion we have seen in many great titles in the past.

Forspoken — Deep Dive: Magic Parkour

Using her newfound magical abilities, Frey is able to nimbly traverse the treacherous terrain of Athia and explore her strange new surroundings. This Magic Parkour also comes in handy when she comes toe-to-toe with the multitude of enemies lurking in the corrupted landscape of the Break. Hit the ground running in this overview of the Magic Parkour system in Forspoken.

Forspoken arrives on January 24, 2023. May contain content inappropriate for children.

Did you think we were going to get a whole new system in Forspoken or do you like that we are getting the basics with in-game explanations? Do you think we will see other various elements like this when it comes to the game’s magic or will the rest be where the developer goes to shine? How do you feel about things like this when the devs take the time to make it all fit thematically to better tell the whole story? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. There will be more for Forspoken as we head towards the launch. Please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we can share with you.

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