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It Is Time To Get Envious Of Those Playing Hitman 3

It Is Time To Get Envious Of Those Playing Hitman 3

Hitman 3

The next sin in the Hitman 3 Seven Dead Sins line is coming to make us all green as we replay portions of Hitman again

The next in the line of deadly sins for Hitman 3 is almost upon us with Envy taking up the sixth spot. Another one that seems to be filled with all kinds of green and not much more to go along with the idea of the sin. Well, beyond what looks like IO Interactive taunting us all with the fact that we are not the best hitman out there. Something I hope shows up more in the rest of the new sections since we are not getting much more in the way of any story or true missions from this next DLC. It is a fun little way to go about all of it, but it has just been more about the suits and weapons we have been picking up along the way. Has it not?

Just as with the others, this will add in all of the usual features we have seen for this run on Hitman 3. We will see the Jaeger 7 Greeneye in the mix of the weapons and the Cat’s Claw as a knife to use. All of which will have us back in Hitman 3‘s Mendoza to try to unlock everything in the way we know how to. That would be by murdering everyone we are tasked with and proving that Agent 47 is truly the best at what he does. Maybe it will be us that will be making the rest of the world a bit more envious in the mix beyond just what we get to see just a bit below. We will know for certain on September 28th.

Hitman 3 — Seven Deadly Sins — Envy

The Season of Envy in Hitman 3 starts on September 28 with Act 6 of the Seven Deadly Sins. Go deep into the mind of an envious Agent 47, and compete to be the best in Mendoza to unlock new sin-themed items and suit to show off your green-eyed envy.

How have you been enjoying the run of the sins in the Hitman game so far? Do you think we will see any new missions or stories beyond what we have to keep these missions going? What do you think will come for the game after the run of these little extras or will it be the end of it all for now? Give us all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more to share for Hitman 3, and we know there will be, then you will be able to see it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back for all of that and much more as time marches on into the pit.

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