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It Is Time To Meet The Elite Monsters Coming With Sker Ritual

It Is Time To Meet The Elite Monsters Coming With Sker Ritual

Sker Ritual

More of the horrors coming with Sker Ritual are here to give you that extra level of dread that Sker Ritual is aiming to give us all

Every good horror game has to have a good set of big monsters for us to survive and Sker Ritual is making sure we know and see all of that is coming. That is what we have to go on for now from Wales Interactive to get us all jazzed up for this survival game so we can figure out if we are going to go solo or get up to four friends to join in. We still have until 2023 to make that choice, but that does not mean we will not want to ignore the latest for Sker Ritual. The PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will have all levels of horrors with what is making the leap over from Maid Of Sker.

In the new trailer for Sker Ritual, we get a look at four of the Elite creatures we will have to survive and take down. These one being the Mariner, Banshee, Phantom, and Blazeslinger. The first (Mariner) being a creature that looks like it was pulled out of BioShock with a massive head beam to shoot at us. Then we have the Banshee that will be out there screaming in Sker Ritual to attract all of the other enemies in the area. The Phantom looks like it will be a big stalker to pounce at the wrong time. While the Blazeslinger does exactly as the name states, it slings fire all over the place. Not something that we would want to see happens in the building we are all going to be stuck in. Have a look and see just how they will be hunting us all down.

Sker Ritual — Meet The Elites

The round-based co-op survival FPS and spiritual successor to the award-winning occult horror, Maid Of Sker. Play solo or up to 4 players to survive the supernatural onslaught of the Quiet Ones.

Coming to Steam Early Access this October, followed by 1.0 PC and console launch in Q1 2023.

Do you like the look and feel for these enemies in Sker Ritual and which do you think will be the worst of them all? Do you think there will be environmental damage in the game or will that be too much for us all to have to worry about during the matches? We there be more added in during the game’s evolution or will these be the big bads we have to keep facing over and over? Give us all of the thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. More for Sker Ritual is on the way, so please keep checking in for all of that and everything else we have to offer up.

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