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It Is Time To Meet The Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series To Up Your Game

It Is Time To Meet The Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series To Up Your Game

The Xbox One and Project Scorpion are getting a new line of controllers to help you ‘up’ your Xbox gaming skills in a lot of different ways

If you are on the market for a new Xbox One controller or just want to stay up to date on the most current version of them all, then April 25th is going to be a day for you. Why? Well as it looks, we will be getting a new series of controllers for the Xbox One, and by extension the upcoming Project Scorpion, on that day. Of course, you’ll have to wait until this holiday season to see how these handle on the latter there, but the prior is what we’ll focus on for now. That will be where all the money goes for now for those who want to keep up with all the new things for the Xbox environment. Although I’m sure these will work wonders for the PC gamers out there who want to up their game as well.

There are better details down below in the longer breakdown of these Xbox controllers, but it look like Microsoft has been inspired by some military technology here and used that to craft these new wireless controllers. They will have an improved wireless range and Bluetooth technology to further raise the bar on the controllers, as well as the new rubberized grip and laser etched texture on the front. Hopefully that will keep them from flying out of your hands when you get pissed at whichever Xbox or PC game you are playing at the time. All of this for the low price of $69.99 USD at that. Not too bad for those in the need or true want for one of these.

Xbox Wireless Controller — Recon Tech Series Controllers

Introducing The Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series

At Xbox, we’re committed to giving fans choices when it comes to games, services, and devices. Coming in holiday 2017, we’re bringing fans the most powerful console ever: Project Scorpio. Featuring 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, true 4K gaming, and compatibility with Xbox One games and accessories. Plus, later this spring, Xbox Game Pass will launch unlocking over 100 great games with endless play. Today, we’re excited to unveil the new Tech Series of Xbox Wireless Controllers. The first in the series is the Xbox Wireless Controller – Recon Tech Special Edition. This controller will be available for $69.99 USD and will start shipping to retailers worldwide starting April 25.

In developing this new controller series, the Xbox team was inspired by military technology and performance patterns, exploring concepts stemming from combat armor and sci-fi mechanical gear. Premium finishes like a laser etched texture on the front, gold accents and insignia are on the front of the controller. The back of the controller features textured diamond rubberized grip for added control and comfort. This specialized controller also has the same features you know and love of the Xbox Wireless Controller, including improved wireless range and Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 devices or Samsung Gear VR. You can also take advantage of the custom button-mapping feature through the Xbox Accessories App, available for download from the Xbox Store or Windows Store.

A great way to use this new controller on your Xbox One is with Copilot – a new console feature that allows any two Xbox Wireless Controllers act as if they were one. As part of our commitment to enhancing gaming for everyone, Copilot makes Xbox One more inviting and fun for new gamers or those needing assistance — whether it’s parents who want to help their kids play, experienced gamers looking to play with novice players, or gamers who need unique configurations to play (e.g. with hands apart, hand and chin, hand and foot, etc.). The Copilot feature will be available through the Creators Update later this year.

Does this new Tech Series of wireless Xbox controllers get you all hyped up or is it all pretty ‘meh’? Do you think that the upgrades will be worth picking up yet another controller for those who don’t really need one or will this be a game changer of sorts? Do you think that this will be close to the standard when the Project Scorpion finally comes out? Let us know your thoughts on this and more down in the comments. For more on the Xbox One and Project Scorpion, and all of their accessories, be sure to stay tuned into the site here. We’ll keep bringing it if you keep reading it.

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