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It Is Time To Move To The Music On The PSVR With Synth Riders

It Is Time To Move To The Music On The PSVR With Synth Riders

Synth Riders

Synth Riders is here to bring us more rhythm fun to the PSVR as Synth Riders launches out there

It is time to get your freestyle on when it comes to the PSVR, as Synth Riders is out there for more to play and enjoy now. It has been out there on the PC for VR for quite a while now, but Kluge Interactive has shaped things up for us to play on the PS4 and PS5 if we all have the hardware. All so we can dance and sway to the music to make sure we are able to hit all of the glowing orbs. Synth Riders is just another way to groove to some amazing music too. These are the games that use the hardware to some of its current best capabilities. Until the real world barriers are finally broken and made more affordable for the masses out there.

To get us all ready for the launch of Synth Riders here, we have a new video to show off some of the gameplay and tease us with the songs to expect. There will be fifty-four licensed songs in the mix of all of this and with the music packs to add in too. Some of them seem made just for Synth Riders and the others are from some large bands like Muse and The Offspring to enjoy too. It does look like we will have to move quite a bit of it all too, and that should add to some lively gameplay in the real world for others to watch while we are fully immersed in the mix of things. Have a look and then download the game if it looks like something you can get fully in on.

Synth Riders — Launch Trailer [PSVR]

Dance the night away in Synth Riders, a freestyle rhythm hit finally available on PlayStation VR!

Let the music move you with 54 licensed songs and amazing music packs featuring Muse, The Offspring, Caravan Palace, and more!

Do you think that these games like Synth Riders will keep flowing out there for the foreseeable future or will we get the definitive one at some point? How much movement do you think we will have to do in the game besides our hands and how weird will that look to outside viewers? What artist are you looking forward to playing in this game and which are you hoping to see mixed in? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it as you wish. If there is anything more to share for Synth Riders, we will share it all here. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more out there.

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