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It’s Time To Make The World Of Hitman 2 Our Weapon

It’s Time To Make The World Of Hitman 2 Our Weapon

Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is about to launch and we have one more trailer to get the rest of us on board with heading out to kill in the world of Hitman 2

The wait is almost over and Hitman 2 is almost here. Only a few more sleeps until then and we will all be in the world of assassination that IO Interactive has built for us and slaying all of those we are tasked with precise accuracy. That or no accuracy at all as it just takes one wrong look and everything goes to hell in a Hitman game. Any stealth game really, but we are talking about this one specifically now. Either way, here we go with one more trailer to get our motors going to be able to dive in real soon.

Unlike other launch trailers, the one here for Hitman 2 is a bit more on the basic side of things. We have had so much for the game before now that it makes a little bit of sense. Just do not look for much more. That is unless you are looking for a few new ways to kill your targets in the game as we do have that in this trailer. If anything, it does give us some better hints as to how to use some items in the world of Hitman 2 to take everyone down. We just have to be ready to plan and then execute. That is always the harder part of it all.

Hitman 2 — Gameplay Launch

400+ Challenges

100+ Hours of Gameplay

6 Sandbox Locations

In Hitman’s World of Assassination, that’s just the beginning.

Are you completely ready for Hitman 2 or do you still need time to get fully ready? Did you learn a few new things here in this trailer or did you know all of this already? Can you think of other ways to use the boat here or will this be the only way we are going to be able to do it here? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Hitman 2, including our review, be sure to stick around here. We will have it all in due time.

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